Exclusive GODZILLA Blu-ray Clip Highlights the Importance of Practical Effects and Location Shooting

     September 17, 2014


When you’re dealing with a big budget iteration of a property involving a ginormous monster, you’re gonna have to utilize a significant amount of visual effects.  However, as seen in a new exclusive clip from the bonus features found on the Godzilla Blu-ray, director Gareth Edwards made sure that even though his titular character would be created in a computer, the film would be grounded in reality.  This clip sees Edwards discussing the importance of shooting on location in Hawaii and how they used a lot of real-world locations in concert with the VFX to create the illusion of the monster’s destruction.  I think they did a bang-up job and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what other Godzilla goodness is in store for us in the sequel—after Edwards directs a little something called Star Wars first, that is.

Watch the Godzilla Blu-ray clip after the jump.  The film is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Download.  Click here to buy it on Amazon.

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Godzilla Blu-ray Clip

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