Watch the Final Battle from GODZILLA and Add Some Monster Mayhem to Your Day

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Godzilla lived up to big expectations assuming you expected it to be a true Godzilla movie.  There wasn’t much in the way of interesting human characters or deep personal drama.  It was about giant monsters fighting, and director Gareth Edwards handled it wonderfully.  It will be four years until we get the sequel, but with the promise of Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah, I’m hoping it will be worth the wait.  In the meantime, we can enjoy the excellent final battle from this year’s movie.  I won’t lie: It’s not quite as powerful when viewed on a computer monitor, but it’s still entertaining.  Atomic breath is always entertaining.

Hit the jump to check out the final battle from Godzilla, and click here to pre-order the film on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, or DVD.  The film will be released for home entertainment on September 16th.

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  • Gerry Rock

    awesome! bring us more of this in the sequel please

  • Person

    As soon as I saw his scales light up I started cheering in the theater; people joined me about 10 sec later haha

    • DEADP00L

      Im always amazed at how slow everybody else is. It happens all the time when I laugh at something or cheer the way you did.

      • DoremusJessup

        Probably cause people would prefer everyone keeps to themselves.

      • DEADP00L

        Yeah but laughing?

  • Arthur Dent

    That was it??

    • Yep

      That was my thought exactly when I saw it in theaters. And don’t let the title mislead you, this is not only the final battle, it’s also the ONLY battle. There is also a little fight in Hawaii but they literally show only 2 seconds of it and both monsters show up unharmed later anyway.

      • mattinacan

        the less action scenes the better

      • Wut

        You mean you would rather have seen Godzilla settle his differences with the other monsters by playing a game of chess or something?

      • LEM

        Godzilla, peering over the rim of his glasses, pulls his claw back from his queen and says check mate….fade to credits.

      • mattinacan

        action scenes are meaningless if not set up properly. Look at any crap Bay movie, there is nothing to get invested in. Bay shows us the wrong way to make a big blockbuster, Godzilla, Pacific Rim, GOTG, Winter Solider – these are the right ways to make a blockbuster.

      • agent777

        What are you favorite Giant Monster battles in recent years then?

  • mattinacan

    the biggest problem with this movie is that they kill off the best actor after 30 minutes

    • MIXTER

      And the film focussed on kick ass character, and had hardly any godzilla in it, and was mostly about those insect beasts. The trailers were haunting! They made out the film was about godzilla bringing about unfathomable destruction and it looked like cranston was onto a plot of how to stop big G.

      That first teaser with the Oppenheimer voiceover that got taken down from sites was incredible. with his famous destroyer of worlds speach, and talk of nuclear hollocaust, the film was nothing like that. gutted! Though i still liked it. but i wanted to love it.

      • agent777

        So a city being evacuated due to a reactor ‘meltdown’, a guy wife being boiled to death in a reactor, and monsters that feed and breed of nukes… yeah this movie fucking delivered.

        Were you texting the whole time?

    • GrimReaper07

      Not only that but Cranston gave one of his worst performances.

      • mattinacan

        disagree completely, he was overacting for sure, but it was the only interesting performance in the entire film.

      • GrimReaper07

        He was one of the best in that film, for sure, but as you said, he overacted (not just a bit IMO).

    • agent777

      Yeah, these films are know for killing off big actors at any point in time. It’s a hallmark of the series. It like complaining that a character died “to soon” in Game of Thrones.


    I don’t think i should have just watched that clip. Saw the film in theatres and liked it, but not as much as the trailers made it look like whole other movie so was still let down a bit.
    This clip was the best bit of the film from what i recall, though it looks trimmed. Not much point in buying all the non Cranston, non Godzilla bits.

  • Neven

    I really liked this movie, and honestly, I don’t get all the bit**ing about “lack of action and fight scenes”. Jesus, Edwards did exactly what he was suppose to: tease and build everything up until it culminates before the end. And honestly, when it finally happened, I wouldn’t even say that final fight was something special. My favorite scenes, like the ones in Hawaii or on the bridge, weren’t about Godzilla and MUTOs knocking the F out of each other WWE style, but about something huge, mysterious, mythical and all out terrifying cruising through the city and more importantly, it was shown from human/military/Taylor-Johnson perspective to multiply the scale. The tension in those scenes was incredible!

    I’l be gladly buying this on Blu-Ray and rewatching it as soon as possible. It wasn’t a masterpiece and that’s great because it didn’t try to be. It was a wonderful summer blockbuster and I proudly applaud Edwards for making it the way it was.

    • GrimReaper07

      Personally I thought the entire movie up until the last 10 minutes was completely worthless. I’d be fine if the lack of action scenes would give way to great characters or moments, but the movie lacks both. It’s the most boring Godzilla movie ever made.

      • Doug

        Ha ha, it was pretty boring, but let’s be honest. There are some damn boring Japanese Godzilla movies.

    • lord jim

      I absolutely agree.It´s really strange that people don´t get this movie, it was the best blockbuster I have seen in years, while I found Pacific Rim to be rather boring and repetitive.


    Godzilla – can’t get enough of it. Count me in fr the 2018 sequel. Bring on Ghidorah, or even better – Goldzilla. Badass!

  • GrimReaper07

    The only good part of the movie. Definitively not worth the rest of the movie being bad.

    • tarek

      The movie was worth 10 mn of my time. That is, the last fight scene.

      • GrimReaper07

        10 good minutes don’t make up for 110 of complete boredom and bad characters.

      • tarek

        Agreed. I slept many times during the movie

      • GrimReaper07

        Making a boring Godzilla movie is quite a feat.

      • Doug

        Totally. By the time the final battle rolled around, I was checked out. I could not get excited.

  • Mixed race rich kid NYC

    Jesus Christ
    Somebody switch on a light
    I can’t see shit

    (Also, people stop using my username to troll and post racist and illogical comments here)
    (Be a man and show who you are. You cave cowards hide behind usernames and spew every racial insults you can, knowing danmm well that once you’re outside, you cross the street the second you see a black male approaching) (only tough behind a computer screen)

    • mattinacan

      everyone hates you because you are an awful person, it’s not racial

  • DEADP00L

    That wasnt anything new… there was NOTHING new in any of those clips in fact there a sequence missing!

  • DEADP00L

    Thats not even the final battle!

  • DEADP00L

    ….oh I fell for it.

    Well played old chap.


    blah blah blah complaints from every direction it seems. i thought this movie was great, and i thought this battle was incredible. that music when godzilla turns around in the fog is absolutely beautiful

  • jonesy?

    I’d watch it but unfortunately “this video is private”, the spirit of hulu is alive and well :-(

  • Melwing

    Please find a new source or take the article down- the video is unavailable. Yay free ad revenue :)

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