Sony and Scott Rudin Developing Feature Film Adaptation of GOOD TIMES

     March 12, 2013


Good Times is headed to the big screen.  Sony Pictures and producer Scott Rudin (The Social Network, No Country for Old Men) are developing a feature film adaptation of the popular 1970s CBS sitcom Good Times, and Deadline reports that Phil Johnston (Wreck-It Ralph) has been tapped to pen the script.  Created by Eric Monte and Mike Evans, Good Times took place in Chicago and centered on a working classic couple played by Esther Rolle and John Amos struggling to raise their three children in a poor inner-city neighborhood.  The series was hailed for tackling serious social issues at the time while also mixing light-hearted comedy.

The feature film iteration of Good Times will take place in the 1960s, which should make for some interesting story dynamics.  Hit the jump to watch the intro for the show.


  • NotTylerPerry

    How long before Tyler Perry is attached to star as the father, the son, the wife, and the little kid? gag

  • Hiro

    Did anyone but a corporate executive want this movie? I highly doubt that even fans of the show want a big Hollywood studio making this.

    Unless they go for full-on satire, this will not end well.

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  • Eddie

    Not so Dynomite! Are the fans of this show even still alive? I mean come on Hollywood you do realize that there a kids in high school who were born in 1996! thats when Independce Day came out. F**K I am getting old

  • fechu1922

    is the guy in the hat dave chappelle?

  • arnold schwarzenegger

    They’re making a good times movie!? Damn…damn…dammmmnnn

  • Ronald Gilbert

    To Sony Pictures and Mr. Scott Rudin, Two years ago I completed a spec screenplay on Stanford And Son. I would love to have my attorney send you a copy, as my consisently hilarious adaptation is a must read. should you wish to consider reading this work, please contact me at the email address provided.

  • Tony Starks

    I agree a Sanford & Son movie would be better. Jaime foxx as feed Sanford & either Brandon T. Jackson or Sterling Starks as Lamont. No Good Times movie PLEASE!! Love the show.

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  • cedartreeradar

    temporary layoffs

  • TigerClaw

    I wonder why is the film adaption is taking place in the 1960s when the show took place in the 1970s, Around the time it was made.