January 10, 2012


We first heard about the possibility of a Goodfellas TV series in October of 2010, but since then, no more solid details have surfaced. Now some great news for those anticipating a TV adaptation of Martin Scorsese‘s classic mafia drama comes from Deadline who reveals that AMC is behind the development of the series with the film’s writer, Nicholas Pileggi, and producer Irwin Winkler, along with his son David Winkler, are executive producing the series along with writer/producer Jorge Zamacona (Homicide: Life on the Street).

The 1990 film chronicled the rise and fall of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) who got caught up in the sweet life of the mob without thinking about the repercussions. It’s not clear what the series adaptation will focus on, but with AMC at the helm of a period mob drama series, I’m hoping to see the mafia with some Mad Men flare. The question is whether or not the network could wrangle Martin Scorsese to at least direct the pilot and give the series a great launch. After all, he kicked off Boardwalk Empire off with a bang, and this could be just as exquisite.