GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 Hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 26, 2013

     December 24, 2012


If you’re a gamer, you might want to tell your boss you’re not coming in March 26.  That’s because thanks to an Amazon update, it’s looking like that’s the day Rockstar Games is releasing Grand Theft Auto 5.  Until today, all we knew was Q1 or Q2 2013.   While details of the game are still mostly under wraps, we previously reported:

“GTA V has three protagonists, and you can switch between them “at nearly any time.”  There’s also some unsurprising reveals like how the world of “Los Santos” (GTA V’s Los Angeles) will be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA: San Andreas, and GTA IV combined.”

Hit the jump for more details on what’s sure to be the biggest game of 2013.  You can also watch the trailer here.

grand-theft-auto-v-poster-1Here’s what Matt previously wrote on GTA5:

  • Three playable characters who you can switch between “at nearly any time”.
  • Each character has their own specific abilities and story arc, with all three stories intertwined.
  • Character 1 – Michael, an ex-bank robber in his early 40s who retired after making a deal with the FIB. He has two teenage children and hates his wife Amanda. He’s also the narrator of the original GTA 5 trailer.
  • Character 2 – Trevor, a former war veteran and a “drugged out psychopath”. An experienced pilot.
  • Character 3 – Franklin, a repo man in his mid 20s described as a “young and ambitious hustler”.
  • Certain characters from GTA IV and Episodes From Liberty City will also make an appearance. Rockstar’s Dan Houser says we’ll never see characters from the PS2 era, though. “The five PS2 games are one universe, and this is the high definition universe, so they don’t co-exist,” he says.
  • Heists and bank robberies are a big theme to the game.
  • Characters will work together during missions, and you can switch between characters mid-mission to fulfill different roles. For example, during a chase sequence you can pilot the getaway helicopter as Trevor, snipe pursuing pilots as Franklin, or fire an assault rifle as Michael.
  • grand-theft-auto-v-posterFeatures the biggest open world in the series’ history – GTA 5′s world is bigger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA IV combined.
  • Areas in the game world include beachfronts, mountains, the wilderness, a “Salton Sea” region, a military base and the suburbs.
  • GTA: San Andreas was about gang culture. GTA 5 is about capturing the “contemporary culture of LA”.
  • A variety of different side missions and “more sophisticated” minigames, including yoga, triathlons, Jet Skiing, base-jumping, tennis and golf. There’s a full golf course in the game. You can go scuba diving along the coastline of Los Santos, or go to the gym on the seafront.
  • San Andreas’ RPG-like player customization is still absent, but you can customize the clothing of each character. [No details on how far this customization goes; you could technically "customize" Niko in GTA IV by giving him one of three different outfits]
  • GTA IV’s romance feature has been removed.
  • Like in GTA IV, players can make friends and hang out with certain NPCs, including Michael’s wife Amanda and son Jimmy, Franklin’s “crazy friend” Lamar, and Trevor’s mate Ron.
  • Dynamic missions – hidden missions dotted around the game world. “Going off-road in the desert, you may come across two parked cars and a sea of dead bodies around them… Investigate if you want.”
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  • nobodydonuts

    Isn’t this the same day Bioshock: Infinite got pushed back to?

    • John

      Yep. And both are 2k games (Rockstar is owned by 2k). I doubt that they would release their two big games of the spring on the same exact day. I’d say hold off on believing the GTA5 date is official until Rockstar actually has a press release. Collider is the only site I’ve seen reporting the date so far. Not even the big game companies have.

      • John

        *Big gaming websites. I meant to say.

      • Anonymous

        yes,but also if you watch the trailer,comes out spring wich is in march i think

  • Arnyx

    Hell looks promising, but pc version must be made. . Come on fellas play attention to the petitions all across the net. . :-)

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  • zachrifice

    Im a pretty avid gamer and I could care less about this game because I dont think its worth the hype Rockstar has tried to build by taking their time with the release.. Not to mention, most games that have release date issues end up being major disappointments.

    • GBong

      Yeah well, no one cares what you ‘could care less about’ if you don’t like it don’t buy it, and stop clogging the internet up with your pointless shit.

      • ‘smacks

        HA! You tell ‘em, Bong. GTA freaks rejoice. This is gonna be SICK.

  • Djones

    Yeah, who cares about that pointless white. Go sit on your pc and play warcraft asshole. Gta 5 looks great, been waiting forthis game long enough.

  • Djones

    I meant to type shit
    stupid automatic typing

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  • david

    yah GTA5 is going to be the best GTA ever.

  • yacqub

    i would like to download this game so can u allow me that please

  • Anonymous


  • timothy


  • Chevy_Boy89

    Woooooo fucking hooooooo come on GTAV, bring it on.

  • jballa

    Game of the year..

  • Anonymous

    haij ismail

  • Anonymous

    I do have a E- mail

  • gtafanactic

    Gta rocks and its gta5 is going to be the best game of the year better yet the century, i would request though that gta makers consider bringing the romance back and add a twist to it, make it a gta past, present, and future where we can see the characters lives and how it leads up to the exact point where thery are at now. for example they should have crimes in which the characters are invloved in at teengaers, such as drugs, and shotings, and getting girls pregnant and they how they grow up a little and change their lives and that is where the turning point begins and you see the characters kind of reconnect with their past but only it’s really in the future. another twist should be made to make it like gta ballard of gay tony and the lost of damn instead it can be half and half a side with men doing crimes and a side for womens to do crimes and it would be so thugged out and if they were to do that they need to invlove more shopping and stripp clubs for girls as well and show when the characters have sex

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  • DeathMetalDemon

    Dude, I have been looking forward to this game ever since I saw the first trailer last December. And after seeing some of the screenshots from the game, I’m more excited than ever. I just know GTA 5 is gonna be freaking amazing, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy (thank god for pre-ordering). Totally gonna go to the midnight release.

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