New Gameplay Trailer for GRAND THEFT AUTO V

     July 9, 2013


Until South Park: The Stick of Truth gets a release date, the only new video game I’m counting down to is Grand Theft Auto V.  Aside from the fact that it’s a new GTA game and that’s good enough, it has the unique ability to switch between the three protagonists at any time.  A new gameplay trailer has been released, and it goes further into depth than anything we’ve seen so far (although I had to chuckle at the narrator referring to the three criminal protagonists as “would-be heroes”).  Looking at all there is to do, GTA V may not just be the game of this year.  It could be the game you’re playing for a large portion of next year.  I’m stunned not only at the size of the world, but that it even has its own stock market.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  Click here to pre-order the game on Xbox 360, and click here to pre-order it on PlayStation 3.  Grand Theft Auto V will be released on September 17th.

Via Rockstar Games.


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  • Adam Cross

    the first GTA that I’ve actually wanted to play for a long time, shame that the lead characters aren’t all that fantastic – a female lead would’ve mixed things up a bit.

    • Chris

      That is a GREAT idea, a female lead would have been so interesting, considering the fact that there would be two other male leads. Maybe DLC…

    • Action Movie Fanatix

      Absolutely agree. It looks like they have finally fixed some of the things that have been broken for years. Hopefully they have fixed or gotten rid of the usual GTA missions that get SOOOOO repetitive. These few things are the reason I haven’t spent more than a couple hours on any GTA game since Vice City.

      • Adam Cross

        I enjoyed San Andreas to a certain extent, that was the last time I really played a GTA game with, when GTA4 fiiiinaly came out I was just too busy to ever get around to it and just lost interest

  • Dakota Lancaster

    The gameplay of Max Payne with an open world that’s a little bit Red Dead and a lot of GTA IV? Yes please.

  • pinkincide

    WTF is up with that presentation?! The whole tone is like they’re launching a new version of Microsoft Office. So damn corporate, it almost comes across as a parody. Rockstar needs to get a handle on their messaging.

    • Grumpee

      Do I detect a dig at MS and XboxOne ‘messaging’, if not I think you may have missed the point of the GTA series.

  • stylus59

    no release for pc???
    with that big a world and those graphics, it’s only sensible to include a release for pc to optimize graphics potential and online play.
    this is ridiculous!

    • chris a

      pc sux guy

      • stylus59

        umm nope.

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