New Behind-the-Scenes Images for GRAVITY Reveal How Alfonso Cuaron Made the Film Possible

     September 26, 2013


You’ve no doubt already read plenty of praise for Alfonso Cuaron’s masterful space-set dramatic thriller Gravity, and nearly every review notes just how effective Cuaron is at making the film a wholly immersive experience (read Matt’s take here).  Cuaron puts his audience in space for 90+ minutes, and it’s a truly unique ride made possible by some incredibly inventive technical achievements from Cuaron and his filmmaking team (led by cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki).  Up until now I really had very little clue as to how Cuaron actually shot most of the movie, but some new behind-the-scenes images give us a peek inside the process.  I’d actually recommend going into the movie cold first before checking these out; it’s rare to encounter such a magical piece of filmmaking that evokes true wonder.

Nevertheless, if you’re so inclined you can check out a collection of behind-the-scenes images after the jump.  Gravity opens in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D on October 4th.

Images courtesy of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (via DreadCentral).

Here’s the official synopsis for Gravity:

GRAVITY, directed by Oscar® nominee Alfonso Cuaron, stars Oscar® winners Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in a heart-pounding thriller that pulls you into the infinite and unforgiving realm of deep space. Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney). But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone—tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness. The deafening silence tells them they have lost any link to Earth… and any chance for rescue. As fear turns to panic, every gulp of air eats away at what little oxygen is left. But the only way home may be to go further out into the terrifying expanse of space.

  • -

    I’m looking forward to this even more than I am to 12 Years a Slave. It looks fucking incredible. (it also helps that it comes out in November in the UK rather than fucking January)

    • Red Headed Golem

      Is that you Mike Strutter..?

    • Dave

      Seen it already in Canada, it was awesome!

  • axalon

    Cannot wait for blu-ray bonus content for this movie

  • ACallCreative

    Very cool. It’ll be fun watching the zero-gravity moments in the film knowing Bullock was under water.

    • ACallCreative

      Or could that be an actual underwater scene? I see some plants in the corner of one shot which seems odd.

  • HerbalHobgoblin

    ACC you called it right and I wont give any more spoiler than that…good movie though

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