Two Green Day Documentaries Coming Soon; Band Aiming to Premiere at Sundance Film Festival

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Earlier this year, we learned that Green Day was prepping not one, not two, but three new albums for release between this September and January 2013, and now it appears that the multi-tasking group is also readying two documentaries.  Tim Lynch (producer of Green Day: Bullet in a Bible) and Tim Wheeler are creating one documentary that covers the making of Green Day’s new albums, titled ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tre!, and a second documentary will be made up of vintage footage from their pre-Dookie days.  Regarding the making-of documentary, Billie Joe Armstrong tells Billboard that it won’t be a by-the-numbers pic:

“It’s not going to be the sitting down, head shot of me going ‘we started out blah blah blah.’ We wanted to get into lifestyles of rock’n'roll and playing rock n roll and letting the story kind of tell itself rather than create revisionist (history).”

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Per Billboard (via The Playlist), the band is hoping that Lynch and Wheeler film will be ready in time for the Sundance Film Festival in January, but there’s no word on when we’d see the second film.  Sam Bayer, who directed a number of Green Day’s videos, is behind that archive footage pic.  All in all, fans of Green Day won’t be lacking for material over the next several months.  ¡Uno!, the first of the three albums, hits stores on September 25th.  Green Day is also developing a feature film based on the Broadway adaptation of “American Idiot.”


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  • Robert K.

    I still remember the laughs and clapping that followed Green Day’s on screen deaths in the Simpsons movie.

    • RadHelpDesk

      I still remember when you had multi-platinum selling albums.

      Oh. Wait.

      You never did, did you?

      Oh that’s right!! You’re nobody! Silly me, I thought you were relevant to something, but I was clearly mistaken.

    • RadHelpDesk

      I still remember when you had multi-platinum selling albums.

      Oh, that’s right! You’re nobody and relevant to nothing. You’re most likely also over 40.

      My bad, I must have mistook you for someone who had common sense, and was successful. Sorry about that.

  • juanotaco

    green day = Sellouts

    • Proud scientologist

      Couldn’t agree more, these bastards gave in.

    • junierizzle

      Did this thread time travel to 1994? Did someone really bring up Green Day and sellout in the same sentence? Way to be edgy, bro. Ive never heard that one before.


    Well they’ve officially reached the “hey, remember us” stage of their career.

    • RadHelpDesk

      And you’ve officially reached the “armchair critic” stage of your career.

      How well does that pay, anyway? Oh, it doesn’t? You still live with your parents, while serving me fast food and bagging my groceries?

      I wouldn’t have guessed. Amazing.

  • !_!

    wow these guys have always been garbage. they are only about looks and their music is garbage as well. good thing bad religion is still around. they arent like these douche bags

    • Tak

      Didnt Bad Religion put out that awful new wave/technoish record in the 80s? And what about “Bad Religion Has A Pleasant Christmas”? Or the time they toured with Blink-182 and offered free tickets to the show if you bought their album? If you’re going to shit talk a band and try to compare it with another, at least know the band you are picking so as to avoid looking like a moron.

    • RadHelpDesk

      Shouldn’t you be out riding your bike or something? Finding out about a band last year in eighth grade doesn’t justify you name dropping, kiddo :)

    • Juliette

      It’s clearly obvious that you know nothing about Green Day,
      You think it is garbage but when you look to the closer text of their songs, you will recognize that this will hit you straight away if you think real good.
      I’m not saying that this is the same for everyone, but for me their music has been a real change in my life.
      It was and is still my escape.
      What also is abvious at your comment is that you just say shit like that without doing ANY research, so please, shut the fuck up and move on with your freakin’ miserable life.

      Much love, Juliette ;)

  • Denise

    At least they actually try to achieve what many artists are too afraid to. They do what they want without fear of what others will think and could care less. Which is one of the main things punk itself represents. As someone once said, ‘Judging music over what label it’s on is like buying cereal and only eating the cardboard. It’s a bit stupid’. I’m proud of these guys for having enough guts to do what all they’ve done. You might not like their music, but don’t be a complete douche about it.

    • Joshua Wilburn

      here here :)

  • Lacrisamo

    Green Day is great! I can’t wait for the trilogy and documentaries to come out :DD *counting down the days* ^.^

  • Callie

    These morons are still around? The 90′s ended 12 years ago.

  • RadHelpDesk

    !_! Got totally owned LOL

    Regardless of what anybody says, Green Day is still at the top. They’re making more money than well, ANY of you children bashing them, not to mention that they never sold out. I can’t think of a single album they’ve put out that didn’t sound exactly like Green Day.

    They never sold out, idiots. They just happened to make music that was wildly popular.

    You’re just all pissed that their records sold more than your shitty favorite band. Cry a river and drown in it LOLOLOLOLOLOL


    I sure do hope they release another rock opera – preferably about something timely and relevant, like the war and Iraq or George Bush!

    I saw Billie Joe at Bed, Bath and Beyond – I said “HEY BILLIE when are you going to release another awesome album of scathing, totally-relevant social commentary? Can you be sure to reuse some hackeneyed, recycled progressions from other pop songs? How much longer must we be deprived of your bathing in the warm neon glow of your own brilliance? Between a broadway show and video game, I’m still not getting my fix of embarrassing pop-punk sensibilities that have worn out their welcome!”

    It turns out it wasn’t Billie Joe Armstrong, rather a towel specialist, but he promised me he’d tell Billie next time he saw him.

    The only thing that could ever diminish my fandom of the brilliance of Green Day is if a bumbling fanboy replied to me questioning my own net worth, or how many terrible rock operas I’ve released that have gone multi-platinum – that is my weakness, as everyone knows worth and artistic merit are intrinsic to record sales and popularity.

  • sadhelpdesk

    clearly…RadHelpDesk wants to gargle with Green Days jizz…good lord about needing to get a life..

  • BrokenGlass

    One of my favorite things about Green Day is that they change up their sound with almost every album. Who wants to hear the same old stuff over and over again? BORING.
    ^Reason #768 why GD is my favorite band.

  • urinalcakes

    Has anyone else been watching all of the studio updates? :D Theys is a makin’ me exited ;))

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