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Sony has finally released a real trailer for Michel Gondry’s Green Hornet and I think it looks great.  While I wasn’t sure what to expect from a film that has Seth Rogen as the lead in an action movie, I’m a lot more on board with the film after watching the trailer as Green Hornet isn’t trying to sell Rogen as some hard core fighter.  Instead, Rogen plays a spoiled rich kid who after the mysterious death of his father, decides to get his act together by fighting crime in the city.  I can buy that premise.

While Green Hornet has been battling some negative buzz online, I think this trailer is going to shut a lot of people up. Judge the footage for yourself after the jump – and take a look at a few new high res images and the updated synopsis:

Here’s the updated synopsis, the trailer and the new images.  Green Hornet gets released January 14, 2011.

Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is the son of LA’s most prominent and respected media magnate and perfectly happy to maintain a directionless existence on the party scene – until his father (Tom Wilkinson) mysteriously dies, leaving Britt his vast media empire.  Striking an unlikely friendship with one of his father’s more industrious and inventive employees, Kato (Jay Chou), they see their chance to do something meaningful for the first time in their lives: fight crime. But in order to do this, they decide to become criminals themselves – protecting the law by breaking it, Britt becomes the vigilante The Green Hornet as he and Kato hit the streets.

Using all his ingenuity and skill, Kato builds the ultimate in advanced retro weaponry, The Black Beauty, an indestructible car equal parts firepower and horsepower.  Rolling in a mobile fortress on wheels and striking the bad guys with Kato’s clever gadgets, The Green Hornet and Kato quickly start making a name for themselves, and with the help of Britt’s new secretary, Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz), they begin hunting down the man who controls LA’s gritty underworld: Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz).  But Chudnofsky has plans of his own:  to swat down The Green Hornet once and for all.  Green Hornet stars Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Christoph Waltz, Cameron Diaz, Edward James Olmos, David Harbour and Tom Wilkinson


And for more Green Hornet coverage, here’s a link to last night’s Q&A with Seth Rogen, Director Michel Gondry, Evan Goldberg and Producer Neal Moritz.









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  • mike lee

    You know what, it doesn't look half bad.

  • Drew

    I like the Double-gun in the one pic

  • Migs_lionhart

    I'm still a bit iffy about it getting the 'more-comedic' treatment but I kinda like how they cast Cristoph Waltz as the villain and Jay Chou as Kato, though no one can come close to Bruce Lee!

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  • Corin Prendiville

    This actually looks like it could be good, I laughed a couple times during the trailer and the action was entertaining. You know how you get a feeling off a trailer, I didn't get a bad one off this, so until the movie comes out I'm not too worried that this will suck.

    It definitely won't be Batman, maybe more like Iron Man.

  • TimLee

    This actually looks good. It might actually turn out good despite all the reshoots and development hell. I probably won't see it in 3D since it was not filmed that way. Although maybe the 3D may look good since they had 7-8 months to convert it, I don't know how it would look, would have to see the 3D reviews.

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  • [A]

    looks 100% plastic but boy do I want one haha

  • [A]

    thought I'd never see the day I would pay to see a movie with Rogen and Cameron Diaz — gettin' there..

  • kirockk

    I'm older than most of you and I have the same reaction as when I was a little kid and watched the first Green Hornet on TV. Lose the geek in the suit and let Kato do his stuff. It's too cheesy.

  • Angelica

    @ 2:04… is that an editing problem..? or was the background supposed to duplicate like that?

  • MovieTechJunkie

    Hey it's the Jew Hunter lol. He plays a great bad guy in Inglorious Bastards. I am getting more interested in this movie by the minute.

  • Keola

    It's supposed to do that. I believe they refer to it as Kato vision.

  • Max Kimble2004

    hey does anyone know what songs are used in the trailer?

  • Bill Graham

    A lot of the pieces are really intriguing. Michael Gondry being behind it alone has my interest, then throw in Christoph Waltz, and I am really interested. Seth Rogen as a lead in an action film? He was great in Observe and Report. I like the way this is headed.

  • J-Smooth

    i just have one question………..WHO THE &*^$ IS JAY CHOU?? Bruce Lee is spinning in his grave. Terrible

  • Romsy

    watch curse of the golden flower and shut up, dumbass.

  • junierizzle

    I'm not familiar with The Green Hornet at all but this looks pretty cool. Plus Waltz is in it. I'm in.

  • Ben

    really was on the fence when this was announced, but the trailer is pretty bad ass!! although nothing like the original Green Hornet, a new spin may not be bad. Wish Stephen Chow was still Kato though…

  • InfiniteMonkey

    Thousands of people have said the same thing about food and certain late night adventures mate. LOLz! Look where it got them, food poisoning or jail time. LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    There was no reshoots.

  • colin

    not buying rogen in the role yet, but i have faith overall

  • Angelica

    ohh, truueeee.

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