Warner Bros. Still Planning GREEN LANTERN Sequel

     June 26, 2011


Despite an underwhelming box office and middling reviews, Warner Bros. is apparently still moving forward with a sequel to Green Lantern. Back in August, we reported that screenwriter Michael Goldenberg (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) had been hired to pen the follow-up, working from a treatment by the first film’s writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim. However, director Martin Campbell has stated that he won’t be back for another go around. THR reports that Warner Bros. “still believes” in the franchise and is hopeful that it will have long legs in theaters. Hit the jump for more.

While WB sounds hopeful, just because the studio says that they’re moving ahead with the sequel doesn’t guarantee that it’ll see the light of day. This report comes at a curious time, with Warner Bros. possibly hoping that trumpeting a sequel will increase box office returns (“Well since they’re making a sequel, I guess I’ll go see it now.”)

Whatever the studio’s intentions with regards to Green Lantern 2, they’re definitely searching for a replacement franchise with Harry Potter coming to an end this summer. They’ve got Craig Brewer (Hustle and Flow) working on a Tarzan film that’s part of a potential trilogy, and they recently acquired the rights to the book series The Lost Years of Merlin, focusing on the early years of the young wizard. Tarzan seems like a bit of a stretch for a franchise, but Merlin could make a nice fit for the Harry Potter crowd. Though a super easy fix for the Potter void would be a successful Green Lantern sequel.

  • The Vig

    Ving Rhames isn’t in it because he expected a huge pay raise since actors usually get more money with each sequel. It was reported that he wanted almost $8 million.

    • Jimmy

      Yeah, maybe if he gets more than 8 lines for the next movie.

  • The Vig

    Oops, I was responding to a comment in a different thread and accidentally posted it in here since I was reading both at the same time.

  • Mike jevons

    Yeah, right. That will be the day. Embarrassing bit of damage control.

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  • IllusionOfLife

    I’m actually happy about this, as a whole I thought Green Lantern was a letdown, but I thought the casting was great and set up what could be used to make a really good film if it’s done right.

  • ek79

    As a Green Lantern fan I liked the first one. Hope they fix the problems, a lot of them as a film, in the sequel.

  • Dreidel song

    Awesome! I was worried that they wouldn’t do a sequel i still belive they can fix it around in a sequel :3

  • Griz

    The only way they can make a sequel is if everyone who worked on the first one decides to work for free.

  • Dane

    They need to bring in John Stewart. Micheal Jai White as John Stewart. And introduce Guy Gardner, and they should do a casting call for that guy.

  • Steve Rudzinski

    I loved Green Lantern, it was a really great flick and I had so much fun. And while the performance was lower than expected, it’s not a flop and still going fairly strong.

    A sequel with better advertising (plus being out after the cartoon series) and a lower budget is guaranteed to make money.

    Plus they should begin to make a DC Movie-verse. Seriously.

    • V2k

      Totally agree with you. The movie was fun althought it could’ve been better. I think WB lost out half the money on negative publicity generated by media and alike. Guess they should put aside some money for managing media if and when the sequel come out

      • Cartouche

        I’m very excited about the chance of a sequel being made.

        Normally I dont talk about the reviews affecting a movie because each person has their own tastes but the reviews did kill this movie.
        I was turned off when I read the reviews on this site but ultimately saw the movie. The review wasnt wrong maybe just a bit closed minded if you ask me..

        This movie was based off a comic book but when the movie tries to pay homage to comic fanboys and critics arent satisfied..

        I actually applaud GREEN LANTERN for taking a risk and making up this weird unique universe.

        Skarsgaard’s performance was a bit cheesy but I thought it was entertaining..

        They could have used his maniacal turn as Hector Hammond to build an on earth rival..

        This was pure dumb fun just like THOR.. My bet is that Captain America will please all the doubters looking for more of a grounded story..

  • whatever@whatever.com

    Middling? Better check your dictionary. The critical response to this mess would be better described as scathing.
    This isn’t happening – they will commission a script on the cheap on the off chance that it does massive box office in other countries. The first one was a disaster – nothing more to see here, move along. The hard core nerds who liked it because they like anything with some dude flying around in tights isn’t going to be enough to justify another trip to OA. If anything, it will (hopefully) stem the tide of moronic super hero movies glutting the theaters.

    • Michael

      Not that they’re the only arrogant, pompous studio, but Warner Bros. is really revealing just how conceited it is by not only saying they’re going through with a Green Lantern sequel, but also how they’re still going to proceed with plans for their trainwreck of a project “Akira.”

      They come off as religious freaks, praying at the altar devoted to their own studio. Inflexibility and arrogance aren’t exactly wholesome traits. They need to learn the lessons of a gambler. Even they know it’s a good idea to fold from time to time.

    • debelleau

      You are such a jackass. Drop dead.

  • Matt

    As long as they get rid of Blake Lively and make the sequel a little darker and mature, I think it will be a great movie!

    • Steve Rudzinski

      Wait, why does it HAVE to be dark and mature? I mean if they focus on say the Sinestro Corps, it will be. But I hate the idea that movies HAVE to be that way, not everything is Batman.

  • Migz13

    I don’t know what to feel about this one. I really hate to say Green Lantern is a horrible flick but truth be told it’s not a great one either. I’d have to suffice with the word ‘mediocre’. If they plan to release a sequel to this, they really should rethink all their options before and make this a better one or WB would find itself wasting tons of money again in a bleak flick. Just avoid all the mistakes from before and do it right this time.

    • debelleau

      IT’s sad but non of you assholes have any taste. I don’t think Ryan or the rest of the cast really care about all your negative remarks. You are all losers. Watch something else if you don’t like it and fuck off.

  • Alex H

    They’re just desperate because their two biggest franchises will both be over after next summer.

  • Enigmatic

    I don’t think I can remember a movie getting torn apart so unjustly. I went into the movie with low expectation and must say I enjoyed it. Can it be improved surely, but when I left the theater you could plenty of people generally saying the same thing that they liked it and didn’t think it was as bad as what the expected.

    • dexvrusp

      Agreed. I had the same experience. I’m just glad I have lived to see a time when a GL movie even gets made! It didn’t blow me away but I certainly don’t get all the hate it’s been getting. Bring on the sequel!

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  • nawtnt

    I watched Green Lantern despite the bad reviews, I am disappointed by the film, it is not the worst comic book movie of the year but maybe the worst in years.

    Everything was wrong, it feel like a spoofy than a serious movie like X-Men: First Class.

    Thor and X-Men: First Class were awesome, those two movies are the best comic book movies of the year so far.

    I hope Captain America: The First Avenger turns out to be great.

    Shame on you, DC.

    Marvel Rocks.

    Please no GL sequel, the first one was just awful.

  • j jonah jameson

    Impossible. This will not happen. It is tanking and WB knows it.

    Like 3D, people are simply getting sick of superheros. As good as some can be (Thor, X-Men, and most likely Captain America), fatigue is setting in.

    The only guaranteed moneymaker is Dark Knight Rises, but since many common people mainly went out of purient interest in seeing Heath Ledger’s last major role, that draw is now gone too.

  • Rockslide

    Good news for me. I know this one wasn’t perfect, but I still enjoyed it. I whole-heartedly welcome a sequel now that all the origin junk is out of the way. I just hope its set almost entirely in space with the war against the Sinestro Corps.

    It would be really cool that since Jordan proved humans are a good choice, they then bring in Stewart and Gardner.

  • Marco Polo

    OK, though the film was not great, but it was good. A sequel should be allowed. My reasoning is this: who here was even born yet when “Star TreK: The Movie” came out? No not the last one, but the dead dog of a movie of 1979? That piece of film was cinematic horse-pukkey. But what happen next? The Wrath of Kahn! now that was a kick-ass movie. Because of that one movie, all of the others had a leg to stand on, and Next Generation had a new audience to capture.

    Just saying…

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