GREEN LANTERN Earns Between $3.35 and $3.4 Million in Midnight Screenings

     June 17, 2011


Director Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern held midnight screenings last night and the 3D superhero pic earned between $3.35 and $3.4 million from 1,810 locations.  The number is on par with Thor ($3.25 million) and X-Men: First Class ($3.37 million).  In it’s opening weekend, Thor went on to earn $65.7 million and X-Men made $55 million.  Early estimates have Green Lantern earning between $50 and $65 million in it’s opening weekend in North America.  Green Lantern opens in 3,816 locations including, 2,711 3D engagements.

However, when talking about box office numbers, it’s important to remember foreign box office usually plays a significant role.  Look at Pirates 4.  While the film has made $211 million in North America, it’s made an absolutely insane $695.9 million overseas (for a total of $907.4 million).  So even if Green Lantern only does moderate business in North America, if it plays well around the world, we’re getting a sequel.  The film opens in 15 markets this weekend, so we’ll know very soon where it stands.  More on Green Lantern’s box office tomorrow.

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  • Tmo

    There are 2 things about this movie that make me not want to see it: The story looks bland which is dissapointing given the potential, and the CGI looks awful. Whoever thought to CGI the suit and whoever approved it should be fired, it just looks so bad.

    • LB

      If think the CG of suit looks crappy based on the trailers and previews, it’s quite contrary to the actual film. It looks so much better than what was shown in the trailers.

  • Proeteus

    I am going to go see it this weekend. I think the story is a set up for better sequels. From what i am hearing it seems like they wanted to give a lot of information that sets up for more things to come. This comes across very choppy. Also it may have been better to have real suits on them and then tweak with CGI instead of it all being CGI. IF there is a sequel i hope they will fix that.

    They took a bold move with the cgi and it may backfire but would love for them to have a chance to fix it. Hell if people paid to see batman forever, x men last stand, wolverine origins and transformers 2 then i think this one will be fine.

    • horr

      I agree, it’s just a beggining guys . The purists and hardcore fans are ok with it as it contains all the set up and characters.

      The general public needs to understand that it’s an adaptation, therefore they should not expect a material with so much fantasy to be toned down for them.

      They should read the material and get acquainted with it beforehand
      Otherwise it might be like the effect the watchmen had on the people who just went to see it because of the gimmick and

      This movie has great material and potential; it will be a smash

      Percy miller is getting a sequel…come on why not Green Lantern.

      Finally yes, there are people living outside north America and their opinions count too as Steve mentioned in the post.

  • elikias

    Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most popular franchises world wide though. There’s no reason to believe Green Lantern will do as well outside the US.

  • T. Van

    This weekend is going to be extremely important for Green Lantern. Were it not released so closely to Cars 2 and Transformers 3, it could potentially have a few weeks to rack-in big dollars for fans of genre projects.

    Instead, as it stands, this movie is already dealing with a rash of negative reviews and an inflated budget (200 million versus the more common 150 million). While it still may be a success— and rightfully should be— I’m getting the sense that a series of strategic errors is working against this project.

  • Jon

    I’m hoping it fails so DC can put their act together and start planning great movies instead of mere franchises wanna-be.

    Learn with Nolan or Vaughn, don’t try to make a good superhero film, just try to make a good film.

  • Ash Talon

    Like elikias said, there’s no reason to think GL will be well-received overseas.

    There’s also no reason to believe it’ll do well here just based on midnight screenings.

    Thor and X-Men: First Class both received very good reviews early on and kept “fresh” ratings from critics. GL is getting overall bad reviews. Combine that with the Speed Racer “everything is fake” look, and it could very well be a huge dud in the States as well as overseas.

    Guess we’ll know in a few days.