GREMLINS Reboot May Kind of Sort of May Be Possibly Happening One Day

     January 16, 2013

Eventually, all successful franchises will probably get a reboot.  It’s simply a matter of when.  The notion of rebooting Gremlins has been kicked around for a while, and Vulture is reporting that Warner Bros. is in talks with Steven Spielberg‘s Amblin Entetainment to reboot the 1984 horror comedy.  Of course, there are tons of caveats: these negotiations have been on and off for years, Spielberg wants too much money, and his creative input would be required.  Nevertheless, Vulture’s sources say “it might just actually come off this time.”  The website didn’t specify why this time would be any different, and how anything has substantially changed.

So there you have it: a Gremlins reboot could possibly happen at some point in the future.  Thankfully, this means we currently don’t have to fret at the prospect of some hacky director coming along to create CGI gremlins that lack the fun and chaotic energy director Joe Dante brought to the original films.

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  • Me

    Ridiculous. Another day, another remake – Hollywood, grow a set of fkking balls and take risks again!

    If you must remake, remake something that wasn’t done well first time around, and make it better! Or make alt.sequels instead ( i.e. sequels that wash away the bad taste of inferior sequels to well loved films!).

    What’s wrong with a Gremlins 3?!? You don’t need a damn reboot. People are getting sick to death of this, because then you have to go through the origin stories all over again! It’s nuts!

    Clue: people LOVE these films just the way they are! For a reason! Stop wasting criminal amounts of money on these stupid reboot ideas… Money that other causes around the world are crying out for, I might add…

  • M. Palma

    I can’t believe I’m the first one commenting on this one…

    Anyway, I was still hoping to see as sequel set 25 years after the 2nd movie, with Gizmo and Billy facing the pesky creatures again, except that this time the movie would have a radically different plot and would take place somewhere else like, for example, a cruise liner filled with tourists (and, obviously, the Futterman couple would be there)… – A sayling ship carrying lots of food in the middle of an ocean with mogway onboard! – This would be like “Snakes on a Titanic”! Hell I’d even hire Samuel L. Jackson to give us a memorable speech (“Enough is enough! etc etc”) right before being eaten by a mutant shark-gremlin! And Christopher Lee should get a cameo too!

    • Steve

      Why not an airplane? Gremlins on an airplane practically writes itself. Hilarious and terrifying.

      • Anonymous

        Wasn’t an episode of Twilight Zone?

  • William Muniz

    I’ll admit it, sometimes I’m the first one to say give reboots a chance, but in the words of Captain Jean Luc Picard “The line must be drawn here”.

    Gremlins is still a hell of a fun movie to watch, why remake it. Make a ingenious sequel instead.

  • Yoker

    He’ll yes. This time Gizmo gets tricked into eating “after midnight” and transforms into a gremlin, and becomes the biggest and baddest of them all.

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