Where Is Your God Now: GROWN UPS 2 Set for July 12, 2013

     January 13, 2012


I’m starting to think that if the world ends this year, it may not be so bad.  Last night, the new Rob Schneider sitcom, Rob, premiered to 13.5 million viewers.  Today, we’ve learned that Sony Pictures plans to release on Grown Ups 2 on July 12, 2013.  This is sad but not surprising.  Last month, we reported that Adam Sandler and screenwriter Fred Wolf were in talks for a potential sequel.  That happens when you make the highest grossing movie of your career ($271 million worldwide).  There’s no word if co-stars Kevin James, Chris Rock, Schneider, and David Spade will return, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.  I imagine Spade and Schneider work for cheese sandwiches and a smile.

Perhaps the underperformance of Jack and Jill ($88 million worldwide) may have driven Sandler to the first sequel of his career.  It’s disturbingly impressive that to this point he kept finding new ways to make awful films without resorting to making even worse sequels.  No other film is currently set for July 12, 2013. [ComingSoon]

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  • Conor O.

    HaHaHa, excellent title.

    Sandler is able to be hilarious, however both he & Will Ferrell fell into some comedic void which they have yet to escape (The Other Guys’ quality was… overstated).

  • mrbatmatt

    Let’s hope the Mayan calender isn’t wrong… As much as I look forward to enjoying the new Superman… something has to prevent this travesty from making it to theaters.

  • Pancakes

    Normally I don’t find your jokes that funny Matt, but I must say you made me chuckle with this one. Perhaps it’s because the subject is so sad.

  • Kenny B

    —-It’s disturbingly impressive that to this point he kept finding new ways to make awful films without resorting to making even worse sequels.—– Well said

  • Max

    The title of this article made me laugh harder than anything this movie could potentially offer.

  • Booger

    If it really pains you so much to write about shit like this, why bother? To update your website? Why not just ignore something you don’t want to write about and spend your time writing about something you do?

    When you post news that’s clearly not objective (about shit) it defeats the purpose; maybe Grownups 2 will be fucking awesome? Who knows, because Matt’s already decided it WILL BE SHIT. Jesus Christ, this is why nobody – NOBODY – takes you cynical internet dweebs seriously. You ejaculate over Hobbits and guys in spandex years before you even see them, yet piss on everything else.

    Objectivity = Journalism. If you hate doing this so much, then fucking don’t do it. Stop wasting everyone’s time – including your own. Please!

    • Kenny B

      Don’t mistake this for journalism. That requires real work, not just set visits and interviews.

    • Johnny Ray

      Wow another terrible movie coming out, great.

    • Johnny Ray

      People have the right to comment on crap as well as quality. Many people find it fun to make fun of terrible movies. This isn’t an Adam Sandler fan site. If you want none of his movies or his career to be mocked, I suggest you post there.

  • L.

    Oh my God, Matt. That was the only time you made me laugh. Top notch title.

  • Warpcrafter

    I have never spent a penny on any movie starring any of those wastes of oxygen. This news only deepens my disdain for Humanity.

  • Fravit

    LOVE the title. It almost lessens the pain brought on from the article itself. Almost.

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  • jay

    Your out of your mind matt. If your really getting on a movie that made 271 million. You must have way to much time on your hands in your lovely blog. Loser

  • buck

    Mr.Goldberg if u remove the stick from your anus i think that movies would be a little more enjoyable…just a thought.

  • Julie

    Hey I loved the movie “Grown Ups” and can’t wait until the sequel. I watch Grown ups Everytime I see it on cable. Way to go sandler the movie was funny, clean and it looked as though the cast had a great time filming it. I like all of your movies. I’m really bummed that rob Schneider won’t be in it. Some of the funniest scenes is all you guys making fun of him ….as for these haters in here I say to you Adam sandler laugh all the way to the bank!!!!!!

  • Julie

    Oh and p.s I hope it has great tunes like the first one did and it would be cool if the sequel had another bob welch song it like “Precious love” … Cheesy but us lowly non movie critics that PAY to see these movies like it!!!