Adam Sandler Considers GROWN UPS Sequel; America is to Blame

     December 6, 2011

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Believe it or not, from Adam Sandler’s extensive body of films, he has never made a sequel. Now some of you may argue that his basic plot is rehashed in 90% of his films (and I wouldn’t disagree), but the fact remains that there has never been a second installment of any of his films. It seems that the creative well has run even drier as Showblitz (via Variety) reports that Sandler is in talks with Grown Ups scribe, Fred Wolf to discuss a potential sequel. I can’t exactly blame him. Sony and Happy Madison Productions’  Grown Ups was the highest-grossing film for Sandler at a worldwide total of $271 million. Though Sandler is not yet signed on for the sequel, his involvement is contingent upon the script. Perhaps we’ll see him in a reunion with Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and David Spade. Hit the jump for more, including why this is all America’s fault.

adam-sandlerLet’s get one thing out of the way: I’m a huge Adam Sandler fan. This goes back to the days of The Cosby Show and MTV’s Remote Control. I used to listen to the man’s tapes (yes, tapes) in high school. His movies from the 90s were constantly played somewhere in my fraternity house. I even selected The Waterboy as one of my top five favorite football movies (which many of you crucified me for). That being said, I’d take the poorer, funnier Sandler from 1990 – 2000 than the rich, jaded man that he has become in the last decade.

However, I don’t blame him for anything (except maybe Punch Drunk Love. Oh, and Little Nicky, which started his downward spiral). I don’t blame him for trying to make as much money as he can as easily as he can. The guy is rolling in it and so are his friends, who he’s included in pretty much every movie he’s ever made (oh and he also bought each of them a Maserati after the premiere of Grown Ups. Yeah.). So who is to blame for the awful quality of his movies lately? Is it the studios, the producers, the writers? No. It’s America. And if you’ve seen one of his movies in the theater in the last ten years, then it’s you. You are to blame.

Out of the $271 million that Grown Ups made, $160 million of it came out of US wallets with $40 million of it on opening weekend. You need to stop this. I’m not calling for a boycott, I’m calling for standards. I’m asking you to stand up and demand the old Sandler magic, to hold him accountable for what he puts on the screen. Give him the Shyamalan treatment. I implore you. Do it for Madison Riley.


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  • Hernan Giaggio

    Wait, in an article talking about your love of Adam Sandler, you made a disparaging remark about his greatest film/performance?

    We have very different tastes.

  • Dakota

    Wait, wait, wait. Punch Drunk Love is best performance.

  • Kyle

    Punch Drunk Love doesn’t deserve to be in the same parentheses as Little Nicky.

  • kurt

    Yaaaa you just lost a lot of credibility on the punk drunk love statement… ouch

    • Goldberg

      Agreed. Especially when you consider Sandler’s cinematic abortions of the last decade such as; “Grown Ups”, “Jack and Jill”, “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”, “Zoo Keeper” and “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”. THEN he chooses to rag on a P.T. Anderson movie!! Though to be fair Trumbore did say he was in a frat so maybe that partly accounts for his total lack of taste.

      I think this sums up where Sandler is in his career right now.

  • CMS

    Grown Ups was sooooo bad… ugh. wtf Sandler?

    and btw, Reign Over Me > Punch Drunk Love. that said, those are his two best movies.

  • Austin H

    Punch Drunk Love was by far Adam Sandler’s best movie. Don’t get me wrong I love his older work too, but anything after Reign Over Me was just bad.

  • jay

    Reign Over Me is my favorite of the Sandler bunch

  • Stephens

    Punch Drunk Love and Reign Over Me were both great movies and gave me hope that Adam Sandler might continue to make movies in the same vein, but alas I was wrong. Also

    So many great comedic talents seem to take the easy money route later in their careers (Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Mike Meyers) and it’s just depressing. These are guys that at one time were some of the funniest men on the planet and now have been reduced to writing fart jokes while they roll in piles of money.

  • Tarek

    this guy is a s funny as a cracked teapot.

  • Pi

    well i kind of get it if “some dude” hates Punch Drunk Love, because those kinds of “dudes” are the one who’s expecting a broad dumb comedy from Sandler. which is not a bad thing since comedy is the most subjective thing of all the genres. but what’s troubling here is that a writer for a “movie site”, who’s also expose to arthouse fare, hates the movie where Adam Sandler FINALLY shows that he’s a great actor(with the help of a oddly tone set by PTA). i mean, Dave must have already known what he’s in for, and when you know what you’re in for, i don’t see anybody hating Punch Drunk Love

  • dabears

    Have any of you ever thought that people actually like watching these movies? Just because you dont like it and doesnt fit your cinematic standards doesnt mean you have to try and ruin it for the people that do like it

    This is what people sound like when they talk about these movies, at least TRY to be respectful to the people that enjoy these types of movies

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