‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ VFX Reel Will Traumatize You with Skinless Rocket Raccoon

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is easily the most visually immersive and splendidly colorful Marvel movie (at least until Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters later this year) and a whole lot of movie magic goes into making a movie look that good. Visual effects company Framestore has revealed a new VFX reel displaying their work on James Gunn‘s superhero sci-fi and it’s full of breakdowns for the film’s most impressive sequences, including the opening battle against the tentacle monster, Yondu’s prison escape, and skinless Rocket Raccoon.

Say what? Yeah. Skinless Rocket Raccoon, and if that sounds like powerful nightmare fuel, you’re not wrong. Part of the video is dedicated to perfecting the anatomy of everybody’s favorite trash panda, and that means refining his skeletal and muscular structures long before it comes time for all that fur. It’s impressive, but it’s also dreadful. See for yourself in the VFX reel below.

If you really want to lean into this whole skinless Rocket business and the video moved a little too quickly, Gunn has got you covered with a still frame from the reel. Stare into the void and lament. Human dreams… such fertile ground for the seeds of torment.

Skinless Rocket from @framestore’s #gotgvol2 VFX breakdown.

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