Official Character Descriptions for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Characters

     May 15, 2014

guardians of the galaxy characters zoe saldana chris pratt

Guardians of the Galaxy may be familiar to devout Marvel comic fans, but it is fresh to the mainstream that loves comic book movies more than their source material.  As seen in the trailer and early featurettes, Marvel and Disney’s first and foremost goal is to introduce new audiences to the Guardians: Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax (Dave Bautista), Groot (Vin Diesel), and Rocket (Bradley Cooper).

As a study aid, Marvel and Disney have released a cheat sheet with the official character descriptions, including all the supporting characters.  Read up on the Guardians of the Galaxy characters after the jump.  For extra credit, check out our introduction to the villains.  Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1.

Via Stitch Kingdom:

PETER QUILL (Chris Pratt)
Peter Quill is an interstellar adventurer who was abducted from Earth at a young age. After recovering an ancient artifact, Quill must rally an unlikely team of cosmic misfits to prevent a powerful villain from destroying the galaxy.

GAMORA (Zoe Saldana)
guardians of the galaxy characters zoe saldana chris prattGamora is an orphan from an alien world who was raised by the mysterious Thanos to become the perfect weapon. As Thanos’ personal assassin, Gamora has earned a reputation as a formidable warrior. Gamora now seeks redemption for her past crimes.

DRAX (Dave Bautista)
A physical brute, Drax has a personal vendetta against Ronan, who killed his family. Now fueled by pure rage, Drax will stop at nothing to take his revenge on the most dangerous being in the galaxy.

GROOT (Vin Diesel)
Groot descends from a race of walking flora and resembles a sentient tree. Despite his strange appearance and limited communication skills, Groot proves to be a valuable ally and a loyal friend—not only to his fellow bounty hunter Rocket but to the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy as well.

ROCKET (Bradley Cooper)
Rocket is a bounty hunter and mercenary whose mastery of weapons and battle tactics make him a formidable warrior, despite being a genetically altered, cybernetically enhanced, talking raccoon. The result of traumatic biological experimentation, Rocket is a genuine gun-toting badass and mechanical genius who has a huge chip on his shoulder.

RONAN (Lee Pace)
guardians of the galaxy characters posterA Kree radical, Ronan continues to fight an ancient war between his people and the Xandarians. Ronan has struck a bargain with the Machiavellian Thanos — retrieve a mysterious artifact, and in exchange Xandar will finally be eradicated. Ronan leads his army to hunt down Peter Quill and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy when they come between him and his genocidal goal.

YONDU (Michael Rooker)
Blue-skinned Yondu is an interstellar bandit who has a less-than-perfect paternal relationship with Peter Quill. As leader of the outlaws known as Ravagers, Yondu and his cohorts pillage their way through the galaxy, taking whatever they want for solely their own benefit.

NEBULA (Karen Gillan)
A blue-skinned deadly assassin, Nebula is a loyal lieutenant in Ronan and Thanos’ employ. Her advanced skill set and cybernetic enhancements make her a valuable asset but her resentment of Thanos’ adoptive daughter Gamora may prove to be her Achilles heel.

KORATH (Djimon Hounsou)
Korath, a powerful ally of the villainous Ronan, is a feared intergalactic hunter. Korath is a pursuer who is dedicated to the kill and focuses only on one thing—his target.

RHOMANN DEY (John C. Reilly)
Rhomann Dey is a Corpsman in the Nova Corps, the planet Xandar’s military force. Dey is a loyal and trusted officer but his by-the-book attitude takes a detour when he develops an unlikely rapport with Peter Quill.

NOVA PRIME (Glenn Close)
Nova Prime Irani Rael is in charge of Nova Corps operations throughout the galaxy. From her base of operations on Xandar, the principled and efficient Nova Prime leads her forces with confidence. She defines her mission above all to protect the citizens of Xandar and keep peace.

THE COLLECTOR (Benicio Del Toro)
Taneleer Tivan, aka The Collector, is the obsessive keeper of the largest collection of interstellar fauna, relics and species in the galaxy. An enigmatic figure, The Collector operates out of a place in space aptly named Knowhere. When he encounters Peter Quill and his band, The Collector attempts to strike a dubious bargain.


Here’s more on Guardians of the Galaxy:

  • TotesMcGotes

    When will we get the second trailer?

    • Norrtron

      Frosty said check Collider at 9AM PST on the 16th for a new GotG update, maybe then?

      • ResurrectRider

        That would be great!

  • DEADP00L

    I’m losing interest in this thing after so much time has gone by since the first trailer. I agree don’t over do it; but for crying out loud don’t wait so long and then drown everybody with clips or trailers a month before it’s date! Seriously it’s getting tiresome.

  • DEADP00L

    I’m losing interest in this thing after so much time has gone by since the first trailer. I agree don’t over do it; but for crying out loud don’t wait so long and then drown everybody with clips or trailers a month before it’s date! Seriously it’s getting tiresome.

    • Don

      Relax. it’s coming maybe next week for all you know

      • DEADP00L

        It should with all the attention headed to theaters this month.

      • kw

        Dude, have some patience. What did you do before the internet? You’re going to see it either way, let’s try being an adult for a bit.

      • ResurrectRider

        You’ll be okay man. The mock-indignance is not needed. Everything in due time.

    • Lovecraftlives

      It hasn’t even come out yet, and your losing interest. Go see Godzilla or something, because there are other movies to see. It will come out when it does, and we will all go see it.

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    It’s only May damn!! That means I have to wait. Well that’s what you have to do. I hope they give Drax his full power and he and Ronan have a showdown and we see some epic shit!

    • ResurrectRider

      Drax + Ronan + fight scene = Epic Nerdgasm!!!!

  • MJ

    This is unusual, in that I was very excited at first on this movie, but the more info an trailer/snippets that get released, the less interested I am in this.

    I have a feeling that this is going to tank. Remember Battle Beyond the Stars? This reminds me of that.

    • ResurrectRider

      I see where you are coming from. BBtS, was a total let down…lol, i remember that. But the big difference between BBtS and GotG; Writers John Sayles vs James Gunn. Directors Jim Kurakami Vs James Gunn. Then you also have Dan Abnett helping with the writng for GotG as well. It is pretty safe to say that creative team for GotG completely outclasses the creative team from BBtS…at least from the standpoint of those few names.

      I am optimistic.

  • The Flobbit

    Marvel’s Marketing Strategy: We’ve got an anthropomorphized talking raccoon. Voiced by Bradley Cooper.

    DC’s Marketing Strategy: Here’s a picture of a field.

    • MJ

      I gotta say it, the field picture wins. The better of two lame ideas.

      And Bradley Cooper is so overated.

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  • Rob

    Richard Rider, please.

    • ResurrectRider

      That is definitely where this is heading. I am sure there will, at least, be a Rider easer egg in the movie.

  • tiny baby penis

    Just give us a second trailer sheeeeeeeet

    • ResurrectRider


  • sillypeddy

    The Drax family was killed by Thanos not Ronan

    • ResurrectRider

      Yeah, they tweaked some things to fit in the MCU. Another example, is the “ancient war” is between the Kree and the Skrulls. Xandar is hated, simply for harboring the Nova Corps. But, i can get behind the tweaks, if it is executed properly.

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