Marvel Directors Scott Derrickson and James Gunn Tease Major Comic-Con Presence

     June 10, 2016


Get ready for the Comic-Con onslaught. The yearly bonanza of pop culture and nerdistry is just around the corner, which means it’s time for the studios and networks to start revealing which heavy hitters they’ll be bringing to the stages of the Con. Marvel Studios sat out Comic-Con last year, and with the recent news that Disney’s 2017 D23 convention would encroach into SDCC’s July territory, speculation has run rampant whether or not the studio would have a presence at this year’s event.

Wonder no more! Though the studio has yet to make a formal announcement, Doctor Strange Director Scott Derrickson took to twitter this morning to tease some Con adventures for the Sorcerer Supreme…and then Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn responded with a slightly more coy hint at an appearance from his intergalactic team of heroes. Check it out below.

The MCU Con update comes noticeably on the heels of yesterday’s news that Warner Bros. will be breaking out the big guns for their critical post-Batman v. Superman release, Suicide Squad, which is set to have a huge presence at the convention from a Hall H panel, to a floor appearance from the cast, to fan contests, to a Hard Rock takeover, and a special taping of Conan. While a couple of tweets from in-house directors isn’t quite as bold a statement of intent, it seems Marvel wants folks to know that there will be more than one superhero universe on the roster. Just be warned, this year will be Mutant-free, with 20th Century Fox passing on this year’s proceedings over piracy concerns.

While we can likely expect to see both Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on the docket for Marvel’s Hall H panels, the big question is just what sneak peeks fans will get. There’s no doubt Marvel knows how to put on a good show for their fan base (just watch videos of Tom Hiddleston owning the crowd in a Loki costume), but as Fox’s absence demonstrates (especially after last year’s Suicide Squad sizzle reel fiasco), studios are becoming more and more concerned with piracy in the age of snapchat and live-streaming.

Both Thor: Ragnarok and Spider-Man: Homecoming are set to roll into production this summer, so it’s unlikely we’ll get to see anything from those (even if audiences are desperately hungry for more of Tom Holland‘s web-slinger), however, MCU Chief Kevin Feige recently stated that we should expect to learn some Captain Marvel details, including the title star and director, toward the end of the summer. Methinks, Comic-Con might be just the right place for the studio’s first title female superhero to make her debut (fingers crossed it’s Brie Larson who walks out on that stage.)


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