Watch: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Easter Eggs Revealed

     August 5, 2014


There’s no denying the fact that Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy was a crossover hit.  You don’t make over $90 million opening weekend if you only attract the comics crowd, and director James Gunn’s fun and humorous space opera seems to have connected well with the moviegoing public at large.  As with all Marvel movies, Guardians was packed with its fair share of Easter eggs and nods both to the other films and the comic book source material, but if you’re like me and somewhat unfamiliar with the comics, many of these probably went over your head.  Not to worry, though, as a video has already been put together that runs down some of the bigger references seen throughout the film.  While it’s a stretch to call some of these “Easter eggs”—in fact most are just obvious references to the comics—the video still serves as an informative explanation of some of the comics origins, as well as a fun heads up of things to look for on a future viewing.

Hit the jump to watch the Guardians of the Galaxy Easter eggs video, which obviously delves into spoilers.  The film is now playing in theaters everywhere.

Via /Film.

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    Mr. Sunday Movies is the best! Dude is hilarious and does awesome work. Glad you guys gave him a shoutout!

  • seanmanband

    Nice job! One thing though, isnt it clear this was the Soul Gem based on the purple color while the Tesseract gets its power from The Reality Gem and the Aether from the Space gem? I assume the colors were supposed to make that clear and that in upcoming movies we will see Mind, Power and Time gems as well?

    • seanmanband

      or perhaps the colors don’t line up to the original comic colors but either way, I believe we’ve seen three infinity gems so far…

      • Kyle Chandler

        I don’t think they’re sticking to the original colors. James Gunn said that the gem in this film is actually the Power gem. That would mean we’ve seen 4 at this point. The Tesseract, the Aether, the Power gem from Guardians, and gem in loki’s staff (which I’m not sure of. Mind gem, probably?)

      • Lex Walker

        Loki’s staff is just an extract of the Tesseract. Loki confirms this when he asks Barton “What did the Tesseract show you?” Feige has also confirmed we’ve only seen 3.

  • Grayden

    How has no one mentioned John C Reilly’s character ‘Corpsman Dey, being a reference to Rhomann Dey, the orignal Nova, who was a Xandarian in the Nova Corps.

  • Grayden

    How has no one mentioned John C Reilly’s character ‘Corpsman Dey, being a reference to Rhomann Dey, the orignal Nova, who was a Xandarian in the Nova Corps.

    • Strong Enough

      because we aren’t as nerdy as you

  • Bob

    Was that a Celestial in the video The Collector was showing the Guardians when that thing destroyed a planet with the Infinity Stone? I think it was.

    • Chris Starscream

      Yes. It definitely was. Only downside is that we are getting into celestials and have no hope of seeing Galactus anytime in the near future…here’s to tgr fantastic 4 remake being terrible so that marvel gets the rights back. Fingers crossed.

      • Mezmero

        He is owned by 20th Century Fox so you won’t see him in this. But since a FF4 is coming out next year they could be making plans to Silver Surfer movies but odds are they will put him in the Sequel and give him an intro first.

      • Chris Starscream

        Thus my comment of hoping f4 fails in order for fox to give up those rights. I am fully aware of who holds what rights, but firmly support in marvel gettib them all back in one house

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