Is Marvel’s Mystery 2014 Film GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY? [Updated]

     June 28, 2012


Though Marvel was likely planning to unveil one or both of its “unannounced films in development” at the upcoming Comic-Con panel, it appears the cat may have been let out of the bag.  We previously learned that one of Marvel’s two in-development mystery films might be Black Panther, and now it looks like that “Untitled Marvel Film” slated for release in 2014 could be none other than Guardians of the Galaxy.  First, as a refresher, here’s Marvel’s “Phase Two” release slate as it stands now:

Hit the jump for more regarding a Guardians of the Galaxy feature film. [Update: Reports have Disney and Marvel zeroing in Guardians of the Galaxy, which would take precedence over Black Panther.  Hit the jump for more.]

guardians-of-the-galaxy-movieSo Latino Review is reporting that Guardians of the Galaxy will be announced as Marvel’s 2014 release not titled Captain America 2 at Comic-Con.  They’ve been pretty solid on Marvel news in the past so we’re inclined to believe this is true.  Moreover, Guardians of the Galaxy has come up multiple times in the past, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has been talking about doing a “big space epic” since last year.

For those unfamiliar with Guardians of the Galaxy, the comic first appeared in 1969 and was resurrected in 2008. The story centers on a group of alien beings in the 31st century who are each the last of their kind. They eventually travel back in time and interact with 20th century Marvel characters, which is probably how they’ll fit within the Marvel cinematic universe (with it being the 21st century instead of the 20th).

Latino Review adds that Thanos—the big villain spotted in the tag for The Avengers—will be a character in the Guardians of the Galaxy, the film will lead directly into The Avengers 2, and the script is apparently, “incredible.”  As the pic has yet to be officially announced, we don’t yet know who exactly wrote said script.  However, it was obvious from The Avengers tag that Thanos would probably figure into The Avengers 2, so one assumes he’ll be a major player in at least the third act of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie to necessitate getting the whole gang back together for The Avengers 2.  He’s one bad dude.

guardians_of_the_galaxy_movieIt’s important to remember that this hasn’t been officially confirmed, but for those that have been following Marvel Studios closely over the past few years a Guardians of the Galaxy movie on the docket certainly isn’t a shock. Thor proved that audiences were willing to follow these superhero characters into the realm of the fantastical, and The Avengers essentially sealed the deal.  I’m not familiar enough with the comics to start speculating on which characters we’d see in the film, but I’m eager to see what kind of behind-the-scenes team Marvel chooses to put Guardians of the Galaxy together.

We’ll have firm word and a much clearer picture of Marvel’s “Phase Two” slate after the studio’s Comic-Con panel in two weeks, but until then it looks like Guardians of the Galaxy just may be hitting theaters on May 16th, 2014.

[Update: Dave here.  Variety sources confirm that Disney and Marvel are pursuing a Guardians of the Galaxy feature, though Marvel had no comment.  Look for the upcoming Comic-Con presentation to spotlight Iron Man 3, but also touch on how the studios plan to introduce these new characters to the masses.  Variety went on to say that Disney recently secured trademark rights to the picture and its characters for consumer products.  They also report that Disney screenwriting alumna, Nicole Perlman, penned the draft that the studio is excited about.  Other projects in the pipeline include Dr. Strange, The Inhumans, Ant-Man and Black Panther.]


  • Grant

    Never heard of them and that probably means neither will most people because I grew up on the major comic book heroes and am more acclimated than the average person but not overly so.
    If true, this Guardians of the Galaxy will not do well with the general public. Yes, Thor did well even though it was a little out there but everyone knows or has heard of Thor before and could put up with a fantastical story. But a story about a group of aliens (non humanoid types on top of it) who travel through time with little connection to general audiences will not succeed and would be very disappointing to me. Why in the world would they do this when there are plenty of better known and more believable hero stories out there is beyond me.

    • Tyler

      Just because you’ve never heard of them doesn’t mean the film won’t do well. Marvel and Disney know that a lot of people have no idea who these aliens are, and they’ll work hard to make sure that people do. Look at what they did with Iron Man. Before that movie, he was considered a second tier hero, now he is a house hold name. As to the “why” part of your statement, it fits perfectly. Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to destroy half the universe. Since these aliens are the last of their respective races, they’ll probably go back to help stop Thanos from getting the Infinity Gauntlet. Don’t think that just because you don’t know of them, this movie won’t do well.

    • Nico

      I never followed Thor, Captain Am, Ironman etc… and I loved these movies. I mean I heard of them and all, but who cared?
      I really don’t care how famous they were in another medium. Just be a good movie.

    • tanner

      So you’re saying properties the general public aren’t familiar with can’t succeed? That’s basically saying original properties, which they are to people who have never heard of them, can’t be successful. That’s ridiculous. You don’t have to have heard of something to want to see it.

      Look at Star Wars, The Matrix, Avatar, Inception, 2012, ect. Those were films that no one knew anything about and had no built in audience prior to release and they were very successful. Because they had interesting ideas and were marketing so that people wanted to see them.

      This movie is in an even better position, because not only is it part of the very popular Marvel brand, but it will be directly tied into Avengers, the third highest grossing film of all time, and will lead directly into Avengers 2.

      People may not have heard of the characters and probably care very little about them, but once this film is made, they will. Disney will play up the fact that it is a continuation of the Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe and they will market the hell out of it.

      The only way this can fail is if the script isn’t up to snuff, and even that may not be an issue. I mean, look at The Transformers films. $1B and almost no cohesive thought was put into those scripts.

    • diles3

      This argument sounds suspiciously like a justification for only relying on existing brands to make large-scale sci-fi/fantasy films.

    • fred

      You’re forgetting that audiences are growing and becoming nore familiar with these characters every day. And remember the inclusion of THANOS which everybody and they mama now know about will help connect these films. And due to the massive success of the AVENGERS it now opens the door for many more stories and characters. Yes GOTG is not the most well known group by any means, but i guarantee you come 2014 people will be waiting and anticipating this film. What i’m assuming and hoping is the next untitled film will be BLACK PANTHER to complete Phase Two of Marvel’s plans.

    • Joe

      For someone who “grew up on the major comic book heroes” I’m surprised that you don’t know how the planned characters fit into the Thanos story.

      It’s time you read that arc mate. Most of your “major” Marvel heroes are in it. And they all died leaving Adam Warlock and remaining allies (e.g. Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange) to save their collective butts at the end.

    • ipisking

      Hard to believe that people say they are “Die hard comic book fans” never heard of the Inhumans /Guardians of the Galaxy. Guess they are not as into comics as they are meant to believe.

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  • rocky

    That site also reported just a couple of weeks back that the mystery film was Black Panther. Guess if they take enough stabs at what the film is one of them is bound to be right and then they can claim they broke the news.

    Anyway I’d love a GotG film as much as a Black Panther.

  • TheDaveToEndAllDaves

    this should be a crappy low budget tv show instead of a big budget waste of time

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  • Tj!

    This is a movie with a primary character that is a SPACE RACOON! He has a laser pistol and a space helmet! A. SPACE. RACOON. If that alone won’t get you in a seat nothing will.
    I’ve been meditating on the idea of this movie for awhile and I’m totally cool with it. I’m not a die-hard GOTG reader or anything…BUT…I do give Marvel a tip of the hat for going in a different direction but still holding on to that all important continuity. I would assume that the characters might be swapped out for others or things will change a bit and that’s fine with me. I find it rather cool that they “might” be going with this over Black Panther, he’ll get his day I’m sure of it. I just hope, and pray, that Joss gets roped in for the sequel to Avengers. To me that’s the most important Marvel news. Hopefully they’ll say something in at the Con. So cool, a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Just keep the damn space racoon in it…

    • Joe

      Rocket Racoon and Groot are gonna be a tough sell IMHO. They could be substituted by other humanoid aliens like Moondragon or Major Victory.

      Adam Warlock is gonna be crucial cog in the Thanos story if it goes in that direction.

  • Tim

    Who? Never heard of them…

  • Mr.Rich316

    Seems to me this would be the perfect Pixar/Marvel team up. I don’t see it being successful in the same way the Phase 1 movies were. Shoot this one to Pixar, I think they could knock something like this out of the park.

  • Ash Talon

    If you haven’t heard of them, I recommend picking up the first trade (of the modern version of the team) from a few years ago. They’re a cool team. Great energy and dynamics. And very epic adventures. The leader, Starlord, is a human that’s found himself in space, so he’s obviously the audience’s introduction to the GotG world (think Crichton in Farscape).

    This film can totally work. A Marvel sci-fi, adventure sounds like it could really find a home with audiences. Especially one that ties into Avengers 2.

  • will

    Maybe this, you know, with actual talent, can be what Green Lantern could not: a fun, action-packed comic book space epic.

  • T. Van

    The script’s author, Nicole Perlman, looks to have some solid sci-fi chops (related to astronauts, in particular). This bodes well for the strength of the script, thus far.

    Beyond that, this may be a sign that Marvel’s now-cancelled writing program (of which she was rumored to have been a part of) and their relationship with CAA (which reps Perlman), are both bearing fruit.

  • Jay McKells

    I’d never heard of these characters before the film rumours started but am proper excited about the idea of Marvel doing something different in tone and also fitting it into the Marvel universe… Plus this Space Racoon the guy above mentions has my attention too, make it happen!

  • m7

    Inhumans??? I always figured they belonged to FOX due to them having both Fantastic Four (which they are most associated with) and X-Men (cause they’re kinda-sorta mutants)

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  • Realistic

    Come on people. Remember the CGI mess that was The Green Latern- this could be what Guardians of the Galaxy ends up being….

    It’s getting a little crowded in the Marvel Universe.

  • Bob

    Marvel has been great with there CGI though so I have no worry. If this movie gets made, which I think it will, it’s gonna be absolutely amazing. Like Avengers status amazing I think. The possibility of a true Sci-Fi Superhero movie is awesome. Seeing worlds, and space battles with superheros and a talking, fighting, shooting guns raccoon is gonna be amazing. I’m not even a GOTG fan, the concept just seems amazing in my opinion. And are you kidding me? The movie will not be a box office failure. If the commercials show the red marvel logo in the beginning of the trailer, good CGI and brief glimpses of space battles/worlds, and “From the Studio that brought you Iron Man and Marvel’s The Avengers” people will come running in. That guy Rocket Raccoon is gonna be a Boss. Oh, and Groot will be awesome to. All these characters seem really interesting imho.

  • Upyours

    I would be careful If I was Marvel about this “Guardians of the Universe” movie, it may not do so good at the box office. I for one haven’t heard of it or read any of it, and I suspect that many others haven’t either.

    • Bob

      Read my post above yours. It won’t be a box office failure.

      • Bob

        And it’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Just read the title of the page and you’ll no there name if you weren’t sure lol.

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  • ImTalkinToYou

    Until someone starts spending ‘marvel’ ous amounts of money brining the works of Iain M Banks (rip) Culture novels to the big screen, I won’t be impressed.

    His imaginings would blow away anything thought up by Marvel. Marvel is just super hero’s fighting a super bad guy.

    Banks novels actually have amazing vision and story lines that cry out for CGI. His novels are so ‘visually compelling’ (yes, from a BOOK!), CGI would really have to be pushed; and that’s saying something.