GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Reviews: Audience Reactions to Early Screenings Overwhelmingly Positive

     July 20, 2014


Normally when we bring you audience reactions from early screenings of highly anticipated movies, we try to bring a balance of positive and negative responses in an attempt to paint an unbiased picture.  In the case of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, that proved more difficult than usual since reactions were overwhelmingly positive.  Praise flowed for director James Gunn and his successful balance of humor and action in the difficult space opera genre.  Oddball characters Groot and Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper respectively) got a fair share of the spotlight, and Dave Bautista’s Drax was called “better than Superman” by one viewer.  Overall, things are looking very, very good for the Guardians‘ debut, and for a possible sequel in the years to come.

Also starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Lee Pace, Karen GillanGlenn CloseBenicio Del ToroMichael RookerJohn C. Reilly, and Peter SerafinowiczGuardians of the Galaxy opens in 3D on August 1st.  Hit the jump to take a look at some early reactions to Guardians of the Galaxy.

Here’s a sampling of Tweets from early Guardians of the Galaxy screenings:



  • World’s Finest Comments

    The Star Wars movie I’ve always wanted, Han and Chewie teaming up with the bounty hunters!

    • Real Talk

      Wow! Your fanboy pleas that everyone love this movie reeks of desperation and flop sweat. Marvel took it too far and they will pay for it. It’ll be a Howard The Duck level flop. All the Marvel fanboys are really, really plugging this. Shit’s going to bomb hella hard and make mine dick fly fully hard.

      • NYCS

        You got it, Zack.

  • Manuel Orozco

    The buzz is getting bigger every day i can’t wait to see it in IMAX 3D in a few weeks

  • Steven Ray Morris

    Thanos Wank is a band name for someone out there.

  • tonymatthews

    WB/DC will be pissing their pants. Ha!

    • opinonated assholes

      Why? Do they have a movie opening the same week as Guardians? A good movie is a good movie, it will help the competition, it won’t make anyone piss their pants, other than fanboys. It will make the competition try to up their game, whether they succeed or not remains to be seen.

      Sometimes people act as if they want the competition the fail, bashing a movie before its even out. Don’t you want to see good movies?

      • tonymatthews

        I just said the truth, mate (Of course, not literally). With Snyder and Goyer, BvS will never be even as good as Thor TDW, which in my opinion was the weakest recent Marvel movie.

        And I want BvS to kick Marvel movies’ arses, but I know it won’t. Will be very happy if I become wrong though.

  • Doot

    Reaaaaly interesting/exciting remark in Faraci’s second tweet.
    Just sayin’.

  • Gerry Rock

    Want to see it NOW!!

  • ACallCreative

    Haven’t seen the movie, looks awesome, but I hope this opens up all kinds of doors for more original work from James Gunn. Hopefully this can be his Dark Knight/Inception one-two, meaning now that he’s aced the studio blockbuster he’ll be able to follow this up with something completely unique, all his own, on a huge budget, and backed by a great cast. Fingers crossed!

  • Person

    Very nice to hear, can’t wait to see it for myself.

  • appolox

    Marvel have become so successful that they can release films based of their most obscure characters, and treat them with not only the same amount of love and care, but also market it well and get people hyped. Meanwhile DC can’t do anything non Batman or Superman related unless it’s on the CW, and takin forever to get 1 movie out. They need to get their sh*t together. Bravo Marvel. Keep pumpin out quality.

    • Verbal Kent

      I think you got a little marvel jizz on your chin.

  • Django9000

    You didn’t print the “best sequel ever!” Tweet. Which hilarious considering how many ‘Guardians’ movies there have been in recent memory.

    • SorryNotSorry

      He/she probably meant “best latest movie in the MCU,” but yeah, that’s still silly.

      • Django9000

        Methinks you’re missing the point. … Unless the final film really does play like an Avengers sequel? =[

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  • chris

    I crave for Antman. The Gunn, Whedon, Wright trifecta would have been too awesome, the world will collapse.

    PS. There is also a tweet comparing it to FIREFLY, which made me nuts!

  • Sam

    Thats it,I will be watching.

  • Alessio Pasquali

    I’m glad all these reviews are so positive. This only makes me more faithful that Guardians of the Galaxy will be Marvel’s next billion dollar worldwide hit when it comes out in just 13 more days left to go, baby! YEAH!!! And, I agree with what the article says that James Gunn might have created the same magic that Joss Whedon did with The Avengers in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • Manuel Orozco

      Let’s hope you are right

      • Alessio Pasquali

        Me too, Manuel.

      • Manuel Orozco

        I’m hoping it’ll be the best movie of the summer

  • John

    “Most Thanos wank…” Did he just say that we are seeing Thanos’ penis? Or does wank mean something else now? Because if we do see it, then how is anything in Wright’s version of Antman out of place?

  • Aquartertoseven

    Now is this funny like how the critics said that Thor 2 was the funniest Marvel movie yet, when it was one of the most unfunny films ever made (especially considering how it tried so hard to be humourous), or literally funny?

    I just can’t trust critics anymore, I loved Phase 1 but Phase 2 has been for the most part so poorly written and homogeneous that, as I have standards, I probably won’t enjoy as much as the mindless drones. Regardless, Gunn and Whedon are the only directors doing Marvel films that I trust to put their own stamp on their films (as they’re writing, as opposed to Markus and McFeeley, those hacks that ‘wrote’ Cap 2 and Thor 2), as well as both being unique and quite original, so for Guardians and Avengers 2, I have hope that they’ll be worth my time.

    • NYCS

      If you think Cap2 was “poorly written,” you’ve forfeited your right to comment about anything.

      • GrimReaper07

        The writing wasn’t great. It wasn’t bad like @Aquartertoseven:disqus says though.

      • Aquartertoseven

        Ah, you appear to be one of the mindless drones that I mentioned. It is poorly written because not a single character changes, ergo no character development, there were an absurd number of cliches (friend drops his guard and allows other friend to beat him but is saved by him soon after, dead good guy isn’t actually dead etc.), the plot was incredibly basic and predictable for a conspiracy film.

        Perhaps you should ponder why your standards have fallen so low, how you’ve become so blind and delusional.

      • milo

        Mindless drone = everyone but Aquartertoseven

        Thanks for clearing that up for all of us.

        And you say you didn’t like Cap 2? Way to keep beating that dead horse.

      • Aquartertoseven

        There are plenty of people that have sense, just not enough. I think I explained my reasoning quite well, the film clearly had little substance.

        I’ve never said that I didn’t like the film, I was just very disappointed at how lax it was written. How much the potential of the concept was squandered and how little substance there was, complexity and character development.

      • James Jimbo McNasty

        …because movies require character development to be good.

      • Aquartertoseven


        Of course they do. It’s called substance. As opposed to empty, hollow experiences.

      • James Jimbo McNasty

        okay, just checking.
        have you never enjoyed a hollow action film such as Pacific Rim? (there’s a LITTLE character development in the film, but blink and you’ll miss it)

      • Aquartertoseven

        Hollow films can never be great, because they’re hollow. They can be good, enjoyable, fun, but never really ‘great’.

        The writing in Pacific Rim was just awful, I loved the action, it was a fun film, but far from great. The acting, the accents… *shudders*

    • Alexander Knox

      In all honesty, about 8 screenwriters “wrote” Thor: The Dark World. That movie was a disaster through and through. Even Markus and McFeeley distance themselves from it.

  • Daniel O’Reilly

    I don’t trust a single one of those critics (sorry Frosty), but I’m excited to see the movie anyway.

  • Old Soldier

    I can’t wait to see these guys in Superman v Batman.

  • Strong Enough

    how the fuck is Drax and superman even the same? lmao what a bunch of kiss asses

    • GrimReaper07

      I think it was more like an insult towards MoS than anything else.

      • Verbal Kent

        Yeah, these Collider lames can’t help themselves when it comes to MoS.

      • GrimReaper07

        The guy who sent out the tweet isn’t from Collider I think. The site actually gave the film a positive review. It’s not hard to hate on MoS though.

      • Verbal Kent

        It’s not hard to hate on any movie. What’s your point?

  • theseeker7

    sorry but what in the hell is a “Thanos wank”?

  • theseeker7

    and just please tell me that they cleaned it up for the preview, that in the actual movie you hear Rocket say “we’re the FUCKING Guardians of the Galaxy!!”

  • Lovecraftlives

    Yes! I knew it. Guardians is going to tear it up next week. Sorry DC, but Marvel can’t be stopped!

    • Verbal Kent

      Refer to my comments above

  • john williams

    Ive heard alot of the musical score..its garbage same old phoned in unimagitive garbage the mcu cant get right!! As a space opera its an epic fail because of this reason alone

    • milo

      As awesome as the real John Williams is, even he doesn’t get to crap on Alan Silvestri. And Patrick Doyle and Henry Jackman ain’t no slouches either.

      I am curious to hear the Guardians score though.

  • Yurine

    Even more excited now.

    • Verbal Kent

      All it needs now is a rotted tomatoes certified fresh, the a$$hole stamp of approval.

      • Yurine


      • James Jimbo McNasty

        hold up, you’re angry that a movie can boast a seal of approval due to a high aggregate score by critics?

        how does one even?

      • lord jim

        if every critic aggrees that a movie is slightly above average, not bad but nothing special, the movie gets 100% at rottentomatoes.if six critics consider it being the best movie they ever saw, and four think it´s too controversial or strange for their audience it gets 60%.

      • James Jimbo McNasty

        you play a mean game of numbers, lord jim, you’ll fit right in with the team. gonna pair you up with Smitty. i know, i know, he’s a hard veteran who’s been on the force for over two decades, but it’ll do you good to ride with him.

  • Han Sola do Tênis

    How do you feel about Marvel being years ahead of DC making excellent movies with obscure characters like Guardians of the Galaxy?
    A: I’m Groot!

    • lord jim

      nice try, but DC doesn´t make movies, and i don´t think that warner bros is doing bad…

    • Verbal Kent

      Try again, you trend following Faux Fan.

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  • Verbal Kent

    “Highly anticipated”…? By fanboys

    • GrimReaper07

      Any Marvel movie is highly anticipated by a lot of people, not just fanboys, regardless of if it turns out to be good or bad.

      • Verbal Kent

        Yeah right. You should see me, salivating from the mouth right now with childlike wonder eagerly awaiting a wise-cracking CGI Raccoon.

        Cap 2 is the only impressive Misney movie.

      • GrimReaper07

        A lot of people doesn’t mean “everyone” or even “most”. I’m not that excited about it (I might or might not see it at cinema’s) but not wanting to see it because it has a talking raccoon seems like a stupid reason.

      • milo

        Looks pretty awesome to me. Don’t forget, it doesn’t just have a talking raccoon, it also has a talking tree.

  • TheDeathStarsKeyFob

    I’d like a more impartial review. These ‘in house’ reviews by disney/marvel staff and freebie junkies can’t really be taken seriously.
    But I suppose now that these movies have become a worldwide brand the fact the movies aren’t any good seems to be low on the list of priorities.

    I’ll probably have lots of marvettes screaming abuse for daring to critisize marvel but like the transformers brand the quality of the movie is unimportant anymore, the franchise is just too big to fail.

    • milo

      “daring to critisize marvel” That’s nothing, although criticism from someone who hasn’t even seen the movie can be taken even less seriously.

      We’ll have full reviews soon enough. As well as box office results and reactions from the general public. I can’t wait to see it.

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