Director Andres Muschietti’s Short Film MAMA Is Going Full-Length; Guillermo del Toro to Produce with Jessica Chastain Attached to Star

     July 19, 2011


Guillermo del Toro seems to be attached to three billion projects, and more keep revealing themselves every few weeks. This time around, he is helping a small two-shot short film by Andres Muschietti expand into a full-length feature. In addition to del Toro’s involvement, we’re also hearing that Jessica Chastain, who last appeared in Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life, is attached to play the lead character in the pic. Check out the incredibly tense short film after the jump along with more news regarding the full-length adaptation.

Before moving on, here’s Muschietti’s short film, Mama:

Not only did Twitchfilm scoop the news of del Toro and Chastain’s contributions, they also learned that there would be some key changes in the script as well, writing:

“Chastain’s Mama character will be a sort of adoptive mother rather than a literal one, taking care of two little girls abandoned in the woods. Too bad for them she’s planning on using them in a bid to bring back her own, already dead, children.”

Muschietti will still be at the helm of the feature so there is a great opportunity for him to make a splash. As for when production might begin, Universal International have set their sights on October. Joining del Toro in a producing role are David Linde and Russell Ackerman. Del Toro will be at Comic-Con this week in several capacities, and I can imagine this project will be brought up at least once. So, if you dig the short, make sure to check back for updates that might occur during our onslaught of convention coverage.



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  • plainview

    that is one cool looking short. the scares are old, but i really like the Emmanuel Lubezski type Long Take. pretty cool!

  • leeway

    I remember seeing that short a long time ago and loving it. I’m glad it’s finally getting made, especially with del Toro’s involvement!

  • The Train!

    anyone else worry that this guy will die before he can finish any of these projects? it’s not even that he’s overweight, i just think he’s going to work himself to death. if i ever meet him, i’m going to ask him to please slow down. spend some time with your kids or something.

    • labertooth

      THE TRAIN!

      it’s okay. Most of the time, Del Toro isn’t really that much involve. these projects need his name though, “Guillermo Del Toro presents”, but most of the time, it’s just executive producing.

      they NEED his name. but the project that he’s really busy with is Pacific Rim.

      also, you see him everywhere. promoting OTHER DIRECTORS blurays. im sure he would have spend those “available” time with his family if those were his only available time.

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