Guillermo del Toro Addresses the 3D Conversion of PACIFIC RIM; Says Post-Conversion Will Last 40 Weeks

     September 22, 2012


Guillermo del Toro is one of the more inspiring creative minds working today, so it was a breath of fresh air when he told Steve back in July that he was adamantly opposed to making his next directorial feature, the monsters vs. robots epic Pacific Rim, in 3D.  That is, until Warner Bros. decided otherwise.  A couple of weeks ago, the studio announced that Pacific Rim would be post-converted to 3D, seemingly going against del Toro’s wishes.

Now the director has spoken up about the decision, reassuring fans that the post-conversion is being done according to very specific instructions from del Toro himself so as not to affect the integrity of the film.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

guillermo-del-toro-pacific-rimWhen del Toro told Steve in July that he was against making Pacific Rim 3D, he explained that his main issue was that doing the film in stereo would make the giant robots and monsters appear smaller than intended.  Speaking with STYD, del Toro said that he and Warner Bros. came to some agreements regarding the conversion, specifically with regards to the scale issues:

“What happened was, in the weeks and months following Comic-Con, what I asked from the studio was to agree to four points that I wanted to do. The more the ILM shots arrived, the more I realized that there were only a few shots that would miniaturize. I asked the studio, number one, that we would not hyper-stereo-lize the thing. That we would not force 3D on the beauty shots. That we would keep the giant dimensions. They agreed.”

In addressing the parts of the film that will be converted to 3D, del Toro ensured that it would be done with the utmost professionalism:

“Number two, they agreed to something very unusual. Normally a conversion takes a few weeks. I asked to start it immediately so we could take the full 40 weeks to do the conversion. As an example, Titanic took about 50 weeks to convert. The final thing that I asked that they agreed to, which was amazing, was that I asked them to give me an extra budget, which is considerable, to actually have ILM composite the shots that are CG native 3D. We’re not giving elements. ILM is giving the composite in 3D from the get-go. That’s a huge, huge element. Now I’m going to be involved in supervising it. What can I tell you? I changed my mind. I’m not running for office. I can do a Romney.”

The business decisions behind post-converting Pacific Rim to 3D make perfect sense, and when news broke of the conversion I noted that the film will still be presented in 2D for fans that want to see del Toro’s pic without the added dimension.  Moreover, I was confident that a guy as earnest and passionate as del Toro would not settle for a half-assed 3D conversion.  His comments here only solidify that initial assessment, and I’m happy to see that he’ll be intricately involved in the 3D process.  That said, I’ll still likely be seeing Pacific Rim in 2D when it opens on July 12th, 2013.


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  • dawko

    Still gonna watch it in 2D

  • paul tracy

    perhaps with all the GDT “bits” what he would do, or would have done, or going to do, he’s got a bit of stage fright.

    ~ p

  • Blam

    The words ‘honest’ and ‘passionate’ say it all. The simple fact that Del Toro addresses the conversion forthright speaks mountains (of madness?) to the director’s integrity.

  • Nomis1700

    If I could I would watch this in 2D. Too sad that ain’t a possibility in Holland when it comes to 3D films! -.-

  • tarek

    All 3D post conversion are cash grab. They look all 3Dimensionless.

    • MSJ

      That’s what GDT is trying to avoid.

      • tarek

        I like Guillermo as much as I llike Peter Jackson. they are both cinema lovers and very talented artists. so I hope that the result will be as he intends it to be.

  • JohnP

    He just sold his soul… :(

    • MSJ

      You are not reading his words, are you? You should be sadder that this is his first 3D film instead of Mountains of Madness. That movie is definitely supposed to be shot in 3D, but it’s cancelled (and GDT feels cold towards it anyway after he founds out that Prometheus is similar to his planned film).

  • potterboy

    everytime they say it’s going to be “different”, the final product doesn’t compare to what they promised. heck a movie like Amazing Spider was SHOT on 3D. and that film’s 3D still felt lackluster(not the “amazing” that Marc Webb talked about).

    the only 3D film that lived up to what the director’s promise is HUGO. all others felt unnecessary. also i’m not sure if Avatar looked that great in 3D now. i saw it at a time when it was the first of this “SHOT in 3D”. now i don’t know if it compares well to HUGO.

    • tarek

      there is no way you can compare Avatar’s 3D to Hugo. Avatar is still the reference.

      • Charlie

        The difference is that Hugo was actually a good movie.

      • tarek

        Even if Hugo was a good movie, made “à la Jeunet et Caro”, I still prefer Avatar. Believe ir or not, but I break in tears each time I watch the destruction of the tree scene. ther was more emotions in the play of the CGI characters than on the live action characters of many other movies ( Star Wars prequels, Transformers nonsense, Tree of Life ).
        What ? avatar was a Pocahontas remake ? Who care! I prefer Avatar to Pocahontas by far.

        Pick up any movie and it is just the same story revisited: that is “Good Vs Evil”. SO, what’s the problem ?

        I’ll watch anything from Jim Cameron ( terrific storyteller) over 99% of the movies that are made nowadays.

  • Jesus

    Translation: Warner Brothers is upset I bashed their decision to post-convert, so now they’re requiring me to release a statement that will hopefully convince the film geeks I approve of the 3D version so they’ll shell out the extra $7

    • MisterED

      ^^^ Translation to what Jesus said:

      “I (Jesus) am very bitter old fart who hates Hollywood and all of what it represents. And I also hate anyone who in my twisted opinion “sells his/her soul” to Hollywood. And I believe GDT has sold “his soul”. And I hate 3D films with a passion. The end”

      That’s the tin-foil hat point of view of what happened between GDT and WB.

      What most likely happened, is that GDT realized that the studio was going to push the 3D version among the masses. And that’s the version most MAINSTREAM audiences would watch (film geeks barely make a dent compared to that crowd).

      And because of that very reason, GDT figured that he needed to make sure that 3D version was good enough to avoid the same backlash that CLASH OF THE TITANS suffered from (remember that?). Because if the 3D conversion of PACIFIC RIM were to suck in a similar way, then it would damage the film’s reputation beyond repair. To the point where people would think about that detail (the 3D sucks) and avoid watching it. Regardless if they had a chance to see it in 3D or 2D.

  • fggfgfffffff

    if this thing opens huge, and it probably will, he will have the budget and time to do hellboy 3. If we dont get one at that juncture then i dont think we ever will

  • fggfgfffffff

    oh, and studios listen: THE MAJORITY OF US DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT 3D!

  • stylus59

    Will this be in IMAX? If he wants giant robots, he’s gotta go IMAX.

    • tarek

      Who knows… they will post convert it also to make an Imax version.

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  • Brian

    What I gather from that is that there’s no reason to watch it in 3D because it will be a mostly 2D movie hence the epitome of a money grab by the studio.