New Artwork from Guillermo del Toro’s Stop-Motion Animated PINOCCHIO

     June 7, 2012


Guillermo del Toro may very well be the most busy person in Hollywood.  He’s attached to produce/write/direct/develop a multitude of projects, so when it was announced that del Toro would be producing a 3D stop-motion animated iteration of Pinocchio, the news came with the assumption that del Toro wouldn’t have a ton of time to be super hands-on with the project.  All that changed last month when it was announced that, after spending more and more time with the project, del Toro has decided to co-direct with Mark Gustafson.  Though we got our first look at some artwork from the unsurprisingly dark tale last February, some new artwork from Pinocchio has surfaced and it’s unsurprisingly gorgeous.

The image comes from EW, who notes that del Toro doesn’t plan on shooting Pinocchio until 2013 even though he recently stated he’d like to release the film in 2014.  Given that he’s currently busy with post-production on Pacific Rim and pre-production on Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson, the 2013 start-date makes sense.  Though it appears we have quite a while to wait until we see the finished film, hit the jump to marvel at some of the enticing artwork as well as the previously released images.

Images via EW and Dread Central.





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  • oaktreeradar

    Stop motion Pinocchio?! Yes!

  • J Wilson

    I’m not sold on retelling the same stories over and over, but even I have to admit those concept renderings look amazing.

    • Agent_Black

      Man has been telling stories over and over again to the next generation from the year dot. From cave paintings to the dead sea scrolls, the bible, books, magazines, comics, movies, tv and then the internet.

      I am not a fan of unnecessary remakes either but you have to just embrace it as a fact of life, retelling stories is as old as mankind itself. Besides, I don’t think there has been such an ambitious take on Pinnocchio since Disney all those years ago (not including A.I.) so its about time… but yes, those renderings do look amazing!

  • BCD

    These pictures are quite stunning, but I must say that “most busy” probably needs to be corrected.

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