Guillermo Del Toro Working on Marvel’s INCREDIBLE HULK Series at ABC with BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Producer David Eick

     November 15, 2010

Back in October, we got wind of a new TV adaptation of The Incredible Hulk at ABC, and while the prospect itself was somewhat intriguing, the names behind this new series will have you ripping through your purple shorts with excitement.  It seems that the brilliant Guillermo del Toro and Battlestar Galactica executive producer David Eick are in the process of finalizing a deal to bring Hulk to the flickering box. The two will first try to crack the story which will apparently be an origin tale with Bruce Banner being in his mid-20′s, less reactive and downtrodden since at his age the world is still in front of him. Eick will also write the script itself and del Toro is attached to direct, but that detail is subject to his availability. Considering all the projects that man is working on, I just can’t see how he’ll have the time.

For details on how Hulk will be brought to life for the smaller budgeted, and smaller scale TV production styles, hit the jump.

Rather than utilizing only CG animation for Hulk, apparently the series will use a mix of CGI and old school prosthetics and puppetry with del Toro overseeing the design for Hulk himself. Deadline says inspiration will be drawn from both comic book incarnations and the original TV series starring Lou Ferrigno, but with “a few wild tweaks on the old look.” Commenting on the new adaptation del Toro says, “I have always been attracted at the combination of comic book heroics and monsters, Jack Kirby’s Demon or Kamandi or DC’s Deadman or Marvel’s Dr. Strange, Morbius, Metamorpho, Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, etc. We coalesced a respectful but powerful way of retelling the Banner/Hulk story in a fresh way.”

This would be del Toro’s first TV project, and it’s quite a high profile one to start off his small screen career. But as exciting as this news may be, the series is still in the early stages of development and likely will not be ready until fall 2012. For now it’s just good to hear that Marvel is ready to kick-off a new presence on television in a big way and one of the best monster men around will be behind the big green. What do you think?

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  • sense11

    Why not, bring it on.

  • Eric H

    Jesus, how does Del Toro even have time to sleep?

    • Alex

      More like when is he going to stop jerking off. His last film was 4 years ago. (Hellboy 2)

      • Alex

        Which means his next film at the earliest will be arriving in 2012 that’s a six year vacation.

      • PJ

        Hellboy 2 was two years ago genius. His attachment to the Hobbit project took most of that time, and since leaving he’s lined up an insane amount of work.

    • Alex

      More like when is he going to stop jerking off. His last film was 4 years ago. (Hellboy 2)

  • Dogg

    Even with del Toro involved, I can’t see this having enough FX budget to do the Hulk justice.

  • Anonymous

    In a round about way I can link the two HULK films in continuity… even though they’re both their own entities.

    I hope they can tie this together with the upcoming Avengers but the idea of a young Bruce Banner seems to contradict all this.

    I have absolute trust in MARVEL and Del Toro to bring this awesome character his much deserved respect.

  • Christophercantos

    i can’t wait for Del Toro to bring a “Pan’s Labyrinth” onto the screen again.

    he needs to go back to mexico after At the Mountains of Madness.

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  • Bobprodor

    You know, there are more creative people in the world than just Del Toro. Give someone else a chance, producers.

    • Hugo Strange

      Absolutely…but u know the suits..the guys with money..they want instant attention..and that only comes with a big ‘Name’…and so pulling GDT or any such biggie for a new project merely serves a purpose…
      no offences to GDT…but he’s got a massive project lined up (At the Mountains of Madness – BTW gosh thats one project to look forward to !)..and so its under considerable doubt how much time n energy he’ll be able to spare this one….

  • old soldier

    David Eick’s version of The Incredible Hulk- First he’ll make General Thunderbolt Ross a woman,(just to crate controversy) Bruce Banner doesn’t believe in gamma rays, the government created the super soldier program forty years ago and now they’re back to destroy humanity. Oh, and Betty Ross was secretly one of them but died and her ghost now haunts his thoughts.

  • The Train!

    i think the original TV show had the right idea–develop banner as an interesting character and explore his struggles to live as the hulk and pursue a cure. and of course, the original show benefited from bill bixby’s presence–he was able to give banner a warmth and humanity that was such a stark contrast from the rage of the hulk. the movies, especially the last one, always opt for the “hulk smash” approach because they hope the spectacle will attract viewers, and also because an action movie has to end with a climactic battle, no matter how stupid it is (let’s have TWO hulks fight! it’ll be SWEET!). a TV series that can develop banner (and possibly the hulk) as a character that we care about over time, adding nuance to the story and to the character, and **minimizes** the role of the hulk, is the best way to handle this character. since TV doesn’t have to have the kind of climactic events that movies do (unless it’s the end of a season or the series), TV is a better medium for this character than movies will ever be.

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  • Gilberto Edwards

    I want you to cast Edward Norton to play the lead because Norton play the Lead in the movies and past the screen test as David Bruce Banner.

  • Gilberto Edwards

    I think if they don’t cast Edward Norton they should cast from Harry potter name Danile Radcilffe. I know they should cast Norton.

  • Gilberto Edwards

    my comments is they need to have Edward Norton aboard in new Hulk Tv Show as the Lead.

    • Michael McDonnell

      They’re not gonna cast Edward Norton in the role because he’s a film star and they’re gonna pay any movie star salaries, having him in it would make think it’s contining on from the movies.

  • Michael McDonnell

    The Hulk movies and comic books have been overshadowed by the old tv series, nobody is familiar with his supporting cast and villains. They said it’s going to be more like the comic then the old series and they also said the love story between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross is going to be part of the show.

    They’re probably going to have him hunted by General Ross not a reporter.

  • Michael McDonnell

    Who should play Betty Ross Ideally?

    My choice for Bruce Banner would be Michael Shanks from Stargate SG1.

    My choice for General Ross would be Stephen Lang from Avatar.

    They might put a fake muscle suit on somebody like what Del Toro did with Hellboy for the Hulk.

  • Michael McDonnell

    The old series was 34 years ago the new series has to appeal to a new generation, there’s no point in doing an adaptation of the Hulk that follows the old series but completely ignores the comics it would be like Judge Dredd removing his helmet or Constantine not having an English accent and blonde hair.

  • Michael McDonnell

    No Jack McGee have General Ross hunt the Hulk in the new series sending out army forces, Hulkbusters, gamma powered super soldiers to defeat the Hulk.

    New series will probably be treated in a realistic way like Smallville or Chris Nolan’s Batman film’s.

  • Michael McDonnell

    Having the new series be a remake of the old series is a real problem it would just prevent the new series from creating it’s own identity and would just appeal to nostalgic douchebags not to a new generation.

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  • Michael McDonnell

    Having the same cast from the 2008 film would be hurting the project by staying put instead of moving forward.

  • Michael McDonnell

    Having a new cast is more likely because Del Toro and Eick would want to do their own creative blueprint and would be separating themselves from previous live action Hulk TV and movie adaptations.

  • Michael McDonnell

    The point is the old series was great for it’s time it’s well made, it’s well done most fans still hail it as the definitive version but it is necessary to move forward and make a live action version of the Hulk that is distinctive by coming up with a different way to present the character.

  • Michael McDonnell

    The new series has to be a television reboot it has nothing to do with the movies because it’s a different medium.