AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS Means No Tom Cruise-Produced VAN HELSING for Guillermo del Toro

     July 31, 2010


When you’re an ultra-talented director who has an undeniable eye for stunning visuals and an Oscar nomination under your belt, signing onto one project normally means passing on numerous others.   Such is the case for Guillermo del Toro.   A few days ago, we told you that both del Toro and James Cameron have signed on to respectively direct/produce an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. With that deal in the can, and a summer 2011 3D shoot in mind, the question is raised: who/what did del Toro say “thanks, but no thanks” to?

Now, Vulture answers that question.  Hit the jump for the vampire slayer-laden info.

In order to take on the Lovecraft adaptation, del Toro had to walk away from both Tom Cruise and vampire slayer Van Helsing (one would think a pretty persuasive team). Per the report:

“Del Toro had been (and is now no longer) developing a new twist on the story of Van Helsing, vampire slayer, with Tom Cruise producing and possibly starring. (That was also a Universal project.)  However, even with del Toro gone, we hear that Cruise remains attached to the project.”

So, as it stands, Cruise is continuing to develop a film that came out 2004 while del Toro is teaming up with the man who directed and produced the two highest-grossing films of all time.   I’ll admit, I believe del Toro is one of the smartest people currently working in the Hollywood studio system.  Nevertheless, this seems like a no-brainer.  While Cruise’s project may turn out to be great (probably not, but maybe), I’m going to go ahead and call this game, set, and match for del Toro.

  • Alex

    Apart from Cameron's money, I hope he's as far away as possible creatively from this project.

  • Ringbearer1420


  • Ringbearer1420

    Good. Tom Cruise as Van Helsing would be a joke bugger than that other Van Helsing movie.

  • Jason Barr

    Not a fan I take it. That's cool. Personally, anyone who is responsible for “The Terminator” and “T2″ I want as close as possible to most projects.

  • RustyStardust

    seriously. cameron's got a pretty stunning track record. after all, he's the sole reason this project even got off the ground…

  • Jason Barr

    Yep. While del Toro is a true talent, Cameron's involvement was paramount.

  • Evfer

    This Cameron backlash is pretty hilarious. Cameron has more talent in his left ball than almost anyone currently making bug budget movies.

  • videophonic

    didnt mean to like that, besides T1, T2 and True Lies James Cameron sucks, glad hes using his money for good (GDT) rather than evil (avatar 2)

  • Angmal

    So you don't like Aliens or The Abyss either? This anti-Avatar nonsense is wearing a bit thin. Cameron is one of the great modern mainstream filmmakers, and he's consistently pioneered new techniques that have since become the norm. Even if his work isn't to your taste, I think you'd have to concede that objectively, the man has great talent. The fact that he's using his clout to enable such a daring, downbeat project by a great artist that has been floundering in develoment hell for a decade until he came along should surely earn him some credibility?!

  • Evfer

    Well said.

    And Ill take Avatar 2 over any of the countless drab and boring Superhero movies coming out, sequel or otherwise.

  • GunsOfNavarone

    You forgot Aliens which is considered one of his masterpieces.

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