New Trailer for GULLIVER’S TRAVELS Starring Jack Black, Emily Blunt, and Jason Segel

     November 2, 2010


If for some reason you want to see Gulliver’s Travels, then you’re going to love this new trailer, which will give you the entire movie in a little under three minutes.  The movie: Jack Black ends up in a fictional land where he’s huge and every one else is little.  Every joke is apparently based on the size difference and Jack Black at his Jack Black-iest.  Gulliver’s Travels looks like it could be one of the worst movies of the year and looking back at the year in film so far, that’s saying something.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer/condensed movie.  The film also stars Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, and Amanda Peet.  Gulliver’s Travels opens in 3D on December 22nd.

Trailer via Moviefone.

Here’s the synopsis for Gulliver’s Travels:

Lemuel Gulliver is a mailroom clerk at a New York newspaper. After Gulliver bluffs his way into an assignment writing about the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle, he is hurtled to an undiscovered land, Lilliput. In this fantastical new world, Gulliver is a bigger-than-life figure — in size and ego — especially after he starts telling tall tales, taking credit for his world’s greatest inventions, and placing himself at the center of its most historic events. Gulliver’s position is enhanced even further when he leads his new friends in a daring battle against their longtime enemies. But when Gulliver loses it all and puts the Lilliputians in peril, he must find a way to undo the damage. Gulliver only becomes a true giant among men when he learns that it’s how big you are on the inside that counts.


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  • TheTrickster

    I hate when people start trashing a movie before even seeing it, but come on, this one looks horrible. I love Jack Black and Jason Segel but this looks as bad as Night at the Museum.

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  • Anonymous

    if this was 1991 that crap would end up in the 99 cent bin at Sam Goody’s.
    Cheap special effects:check!
    And no duh, they had him do his school of rock schtick again:Check!
    I ain’t going to see that crap:CHECK MATE!!!!!

  • Ethan24301

    I think Jack Black is hilarious and I love Jason Segel but damn does this movie look horrible. You’re right, the entire film was summed up in three minutes. Reminds me of this years Year One. Jack Black needs to use is talents and stop being in crappy films.

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