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At this year’s Comic-Con, I got to speak with an actor whose work I really love: Guy Pearce.  No matter the role, Pearce always delivers a great performance, and I really think he’s one of the best actors working in Hollywood.  Anyway, Pearce was at Comic-Con to help promote director Troy Nixey’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.  In the film, Pearce plays the father that doesn’t believe the creatures are real.  For more on the movie, here’s our recap of the panel, the trailer, and my interview with Guillermo Del Toro and Katie Holmes from the L.A. Film Festival.

In addition to Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Pearce talked about what it’s like to work for Ridley Scott (he’s in Prometheus), Lockout, John Hillcoat’s Wettest Country in the World, Drake Doremus and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Guy Pearce Time Index

  • :18 Talks about this being his first Comic-Con experience.
  • 1:41 What drew him to Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark? He says meeting with director Troy Nixey was a big influence; as well as knowing Guillermo del Toro was producing it, in addition to the story.
  • 4:23 Talks about his approach to preparation before each acting job. He says Factory Girl was the film he had the most preparation time on.
  • 6:38 Talks briefly about working on Prometheus.
  • 7:19 He speaks about Lockout, says it hasn’t been released yet and he’s not sure when it will be distributed. He doubts it will be able to come out this year, but he’s not certain.
  • 8:00 Talks about working on Wettest County. Talks about the performances and the story.
  • 10:08 Future projects. Says he’s about to work with Drake Doremus on his next untitled film.


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  • madcnut

    Seems like a cool dude!

  • Jazzy Jace

    Why do Collider’s video playback ALWAYS SUCK???????

    • mark tornits

      they would be much better off just using youtube as the video player- as what they use is a mess, you can’t even skip ahead until the full video loads as it is.

  • Rishi Mehta

    These interviews are so cringe worthy. I bet the people you interview think you such a dork.

    • AndyC

      Hes a dork? haha, you are making fun of someone on the internet. You are a fool.

    • LP

      Wrong. Steve is about as good as you get as a true fan of movies and the people making it. His earnest attitude is the trait that will be more endearing (and memorable) to the people he interviewed, who’s so used to jaded industry professionals just going through the motions.

    • mark tornits

      anytime we don’t have to see his black finger nails is a winning situation.

  • RickC

    I actually think this is one of the best “Frosty” interviews I’ve seen in a while.

    Also, Pearce seems like a pretty interesting and funny dude.

  • stringerbell

    will watch any film with guy in it very under rated

  • PatLang

    Very interested in Wettest Country- I mean, “Wettest COUNTY” LOL- any word on a release date cause I’m curious to see if it will be ready by the end of the year.

    Very impressive actor. Loved him in The King’s Speech, and just saw Memento for the first time. OMG!!! Loved it, not surprising for a Nolan fan, but it was SO good and Guy was just fantastic!

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