Guy Pearce Joins Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS

     May 2, 2011


This weekend, a rumor went floating around that Guy Pearce had joined the cast of Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien-prequel-but-not-an-Alien-prequel, Prometheus.  We held off for confirmation and now the good folks over at The Playlist have made that confirmation.  There’s currently no word on what role Pearce will play, but he’s a valuable addition to any cast, and the cast for Prometheus is an embarrassment of riches: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba all have leading roles and they’ll be joined by Logan Marshall-Green (24), Rafe Spall (Hot Fuzz), Sean Harris (Red Riding Trilogy), Kate Dickie (Red Road).

Plot details are still being kept under wraps, but the film will reportedly take place in the Alien universe, but not necessarily be a direct prequel to Scott’s original 1979 film.  Prometheus is due out in 3D on June 8, 2012.  Pearce recently co-starred in the miniseries Mildred Pierce and he’ll next be seen in theaters in the Guillermo del Toro-produced horror flick Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

  • The Dark Knight

    I almost feel off my chair when i saw this news, i can’t wait to see this movie!

  • Sheldon Cooper, B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D.

    I was very disappointed that the untitled Alien prequels were shelved in favour of an original science-fiction film called Prometheus. It would have been interesting to see if or which of the various interpretations of the Space Jockey’s species in the novelisations, graphic novels, etc they would have used in the untitled Alien prequels.

    In Alan Dean Foster’s novelisation of Alien, Ash describes the Space Jockey’s race as a noble people and hopes that mankind will encounter them under more pleasant circumstances. It also states that they were larger, stronger and possibly more intelligent than humans. Foster’s novelisation states that the Jockey was trying to warn humans away from the Xenomorphs.

    In Steve Perry’s Earth Hive, the Space Jockey’s race are referred to as collectors because they collect Xenomorph eggs. In Michael Jan Friedman’s Aliens: Original Sin, the race is referred to as the Mala’kak. According to the comic book The Destroying Angels, the Xenomorphs caused the species to become extinct 1.6 million years ago.

    Mark Verheiden’s Aliens graphic novel depict the Space Jockey’s race as malevolent; they refrain from attacking humans due to their immense hatred of their common enemy, the Xenomorphs, but they intend to wipe out and/or enslave humanity once their war with the Xenomorphs is over. In the series, a Space Jockey-like creature communicates telepathically with humans.

    It is possible that the Alien Queen came from the Space Jockey and laid all the eggs in that ship. It was as big as the Queen was, the only giant alien in Aliens (1986) was the Queen and strangely there was no trace of the Alien which was born from the Space Jockey.

  • Bheaya Emortalis

    Embarrassment of riches?? Im a little slow — is he being sarcastic or using creative word play as in saying “THIS CAST IS SO WONDERFUL ITS EMBARRASSING!”

    Nevertheless, i can’t wait till this film comes out! Hopefully, its not a phuck-up

  • True

    If Damon Lindelof is involved, it’ll be a phuck-up.

  • Will Spill

    Alien and Aliens are the best in the franchise. If you studied them closely, you’d notice they are both parlor games–in the story the monster is known but the person or android who wants to aid the monster is unknown for most of the story. Not only that but Aliens is an amped up remake of Alien. Hicks is Dallas, Vasquez is Parker, Hudson is Lambert and Brett, Gorman is Kane, Newt is Jonesy, and Burke is Ash (Bishop is the antithesis of Ash). Instead of a ship set to auto-destruct it’s a planet–instead of searching for a cat on a doomed ship, it’s a child on a doomed planet. And instead of a showdown with an alien at the end; it’s an alien queen. Alien 3 and Res. weren’t parlor games and were unfocused, and were awful. Prometheus would be wise to follow the formula of Alien and Aliens.

  • axiona

    this cast is amazing and has me excited, thinking about a dark and serious future movie, because from what i’ve seen of them all of those actors could be in that type of movie and not be out of place. idris elba on the wire, and on the office never was comical and it worked, noomi in the girl with the dragon tatoo was a tough independant serious woman, fassbender in inglorious basterds played those tense violent scenes perfectly, theron and pearce have more than enough resume, i think of monsters and the proposition. i think ridley scott is talented and his best movies are the sci fi genre. with this talent i can only imagine the worst kind of script would be needed to make this movie bad.

  • Dean

    Absolutely great news. Ever since Memento, Mr. Pearce has been my favorite actor. Doesn’t necessarily get the biggest or highest profile roles, but i find him brilliant in everything he does. Reading this article, just got me that much more excited for Prometheus.

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