Paul Verhoeven to Direct Halle Berry in THE STUDENT

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The great schlock-master Paul Verhoeven has finally gotten another project off the ground post 2006’s well-received Black Book. Per Badass Digest, the new film will not be The Surrogate – the rumored Halle Berry centric evil surrogate mother flick – but instead The Student, a new Halle Berry centric ‘younger student has an affair with older married woman’ type flick. This seems like familiar terrain for the Dutch auteur Verhoeven having so memorably explored the potentially lethal side effects of affairs in Basic Instinct and the under-seen The Fourth Man.  Hit the jump for more Verhoeven love.

Any new Verhoeven is fine with me. I sort of view Verhoeven as the 90’s answer to Douglas Sirk. In the 50’s, Sirk made a string of seemingly run of the mill Hollywood melodramas, but subtextually these films (namely All that Heaven Allows, Imitation of Life and Written on the Wind) doubled as explorations of class, race, identity and homosexuality. Much in the same way, Verhoeven, during the late 80s, early 90s – made a string of seemingly by the numbers Hollywood action films (namely Total Recall, Robocop and Starship Troopers) that doubled as explorations of identity, class, fascism and consumerism. In this way Sirk and Verhoeven are the golden standard of Hollywood filmmakers – at once both conforming to the system while simultaneously undermining it. It’s about damn time Verhoeven made another film.


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  • Montese Crandall

    Totally agree with you about the subtextual nature of Verhoeven’s films. There’s much more there than meets the eye.

  • Alex-mansy

    I think sub-textually and subversive, Zack Snyders films are superior.

    Granted many haven’t realised their deeper aspects, but he has made like 5 films in 7 years, all big budget.

    I like Paul Verhoeven but my main beef with his films is that they often have a cynical or satiric edge that he can’t seem to hide. This is not the case in Snyders films where at best he has dark humour.

    • kuato

      you must be kidding

    • Anonymous

      I dunno what you been smokin’… Zack Snyder subtextual. Maybe you don’t know what subtextual means.
      You must be a Brett Ratner fan.

  • Homage

    Zach Snyder?! Seriously?

  • tony

    Zack Snyder??? He did what like… Dawn of The Dead (remake), 300, Watchmen and Now Sucker Punch scratch that 300 and Watchmen were straight from the Graphic Novel so its really just D.O.D and sucker punch. Sucker P. which hasn’t even hit cinemas, so really he’s done really one flick D.O.D against P.V many films lol. There are tons of other heavy weight Directors with “sub-textually and subversive” elements in their films but out of all them you choose Snyder??? What next, you going to tell me Michael Bay is far superior than David Lynch lol

  • Anonymous

    I dunno what you been smokin\’… Zack Snyder subtextual. Maybe you don\’t know what subtextual means.
    You must be a Brett Ratner fan.

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