Geek Gifts: Nerd up Your Beverage with Han Solo in Carbonite and ALIEN Ice Trays

     December 21, 2011


Have you ever looked into your ice beverages and thought, “This drink is all well and good, but these ice cubes are so dull.”  Well, they don’t have to be!  You can geek up that drink with some help from nerdy ice cube trays.  You know what’s better than drinking a nice cold soda?  Drinking a nice cold soda with a tiny frozen Han Solo in it.  Or if you feel that Star Wars already has its wampa mitts into too much merchandise already, go with a little R-rated sci-fi and throw some Alien eggs into your iced-tea.  Nothing refreshes like a frozen xenomorph fetus.

Hit the jump to check out the ice trays and where you can buy them.

Kotobukiya Star Wars: Han Solo in Carbonite Silicon Tray $13.85 [Click here to buy from Amazon]:


Kotobukiya Star Wars: R2-D2 Silicon Tray $6.55 [Click here to buy from Amazon]:


You can also get the Star Wars Han Solo In Carbonite & R2-D2 Silicon Ice Cube Tray Set Of 2 for $19.99

Alien Egg Ice Tray $9.99 [Click here to pre-order from Entertainment Earth]:


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