Geek Gifts: “Han Solo Carbonite” iPhone 4 Case Lets You Feel Like Boba Fett

     March 29, 2012


If I have one complaint about the iPhone (and I may, in fact, have only one) it’s the relatively plain-looking exterior. Much as it kicks all kinds of ass in terms of performance, there are certainly more aesthetically-intriguing devices out there. But hey, that’s what iPhone cases are for, right? And this one is a doozy, especially if you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise.

Provided you’ve got an extra $15.50 lying around, the iconic image of Han Solo encased in carbonite at the end of The Empire Strikes Back/beginning of Return of the Jedi can adorn the back of your iPhone 4 or 4S. The plastic-aluminum case is the work of Moti Zemelman, proprietor of the online store iCaseSeraSera. Hit the jump to get a look, plus some insight into how it was designed and buying info.


Alas, as the designer notes, the image is merely a high-res photo and does not feature a three-dimensional rendering of Solo’s sorrowful face and hands popping out of your phone. Nonetheless, pretty cool.

The “Han Solo Carbonite” case comes to us from (via GeekTyrant), where it’s available for purchase. You can check out some more handmade designs from iCaseSeraSera here. And while you’re there, be sure to shoot Zemelman a note saying “I love your case,” to which he’ll hopefully reply “I know.”

han-solo-carbonite-imageFinally, below is Zemelman’s description of how he produces his custom cases (via Etsy):

Han Solo Carbonite – iPhone case for iPhone 4 and 4S…

These stylish covers are designed and printed in my home studio here in Massachusetts.

* This case is designed with a high resolution photograph, NOT a 3D embossed item! It would be fun if his fingers really came out of the case :)

Each iPhone case is embellished with my designs one at a time using a unique printing technique that allows me to permanently instill an image into a thin aluminum insert on the back of the molded plastic case. The insert is heated to over 400 degrees, cooled, and then permanently adhered to the phone case. The result is a vibrant, permanent imprint.

This custom made snap-on case is designed to fit all of the iPhone 4 and 4S models. With ample openings for all the buttons and the camera lens, this lightweight case is the perfect phone accessory – instantly customizing any iPhone with color and style.

All of my cases are available with BLACK, WHITE, or CLEAR sides. Unless you ask for one of these specific colors in your order, the default BLACK. So if you want one of the other options just leave a note in the “message to seller” section.


  • 198d

    I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, but this is pretty damn cool!

    • harveyronn

      Me also not a fan of Star Wars, but I like this idea to make your iphone looks so trendy and theme based. So many peoples like this because of its three-dimensional look which give a very unique look to your devices.
      ipad 2 accessories

  • sense 11

    That’s just awesome

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  • pappa darth

    Jabba regerar!
    Darth maul instämmer.

  • Piotr

    I really want that. Deep down I now it is cool. But I fear Geek culture is out now. I want so also to be trendy.

    • Anonymous

      Learn how to write!

      • MelanieAnderson

        This person should learn how to read as well… hehehe :)

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  • MelanieAnderson

    That is such a cool iPhone case!! I have been searching for this type of iPhone case over the internet for some time now and I really am thankful that I saw your page and finally found what I was looking for. Although, it’s not totally the iPhone accessory I am exactly searching for, it almost has the qualities of it. Thanks you so much. =)) Now, I just wonder where to get this iPhone accessory from our place?? :(

  • Curtis

    I was like a little kid on Christmas waiting for mine to come in the mail. Them once I got it I felt so deflated. It’s cheap and there’s no way you will give up your Otter Box for this.

  • Boo Rad

    is this going to be available for iPhone 5??! I know someone who would love this!