Celebrate the HANNIBAL Season 2 Finale with a Pair of New Mondo Prints

     May 22, 2014


The wild second season of NBC’s Hannibal comes to a close tomorrow night with the show’s season finale, and if the last few episodes are any indication, we’re in for a twisted and thrilling conclusion to season two of this excellent psychological horror series.  To mark the event, the folks at Mondo will be releasing a pair of fantastic new Hannibal-inspired prints by Phantom City Creative that depict the titular man and monster.  The show has really been firing on all cylinders this year, and I’m eager to see what messed up avenues creator Bryan Fuller takes us down in season three.

Hit the jump to check out the Hannibal Mondo posters.  They’ll be released at a random time tomorrow, May 23rd, and you should follow @MondoNews on Twitter for the on sale announcement.  The season two finale of Hannibal airs on NBC tomorrow night.

24” x 36”

Edition of 250



24” x “36”

Edition of 125



  • aFabricationUnlikeAnother

    Excellent, I shall purchase the latter. Your website has done an adequate job of covering the television program and for that, I shall purchase this item through the link provided here. Your next cafe latte is on me. You’re most welcome.

  • God’s Diamond

    Any particular reason they put antlers on? No too familiar with the show and haven’t watched any of the movies in years

    • chosen1

      oh deer.

      • Lee Harvey Cobblepot

        He should have paid attention when everybody started to FAWN over the show.

    • Bhammer100

      Will Graham sometimes sees Hannibal as a wendigo – a Native American demon that represents cannibalism. Watch the TV show. Its pretty terrifying.

  • The Flobbit

    Takeaway: Mads Mikkelsen is one scary bastard.

  • Johnny_Mook

    How I wish i was possible for the “antler Hannibal” be embedded in the second one, and only be seen at certain angles. I’d pay double to gt that delivered to my country.