HANNIBAL Season Finale Recap: “Savoureux”

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After a great and complex first season, Hannibal rounded things off with a finale that gave viewers (almost) everything to both satisfy and entice.  The reflexivity of the show, particularly the catalyst event of Will killing Garrett Jacob Hobbs in the premiere and how that thread never left Will throughout the season, was something beautiful to behold.  Beyond the violence and gore (the sterility of which makes it less disturbing at times than the blood baths of, say, True Blood), there was fantastic writing and beautiful direction that really elevated Hannibal beyond what most expected of it.  For more on this great finale, hit the jump.

This season of Hannibal has focused, as I’ve mentioned in the past many times, on the idea of identity and how that can shift.  Abigail Hobbs doesn’t believe she’s a killer or an accomplice, but that changes.  Dr.  Gideon doesn’t believe he’s the Chesapeake Ripper, but Chilton makes him think he is (to a point).  Like Chilton, Hannibal conditions Will to believe he killed Hannibal’s victims; but like with Gideon, it doesn’t quite stick.

hugh-dancy-hannibal-savoureux“Savoureux” gave some insight as well into Hannibal’s own motives.  Last week, he told Abigail he was simply “curious,” something a newly awakened Will says back to him this week as well.  Hannibal grieves for the loss of Abigail, and also of Will, to Du Maurier, who seems more suspicious than she ever has been before with him.  We know now his feelings for Abigail were like that of a father towards a child, and it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to apply those same kinds of feelings to Will, too.  In both of them, Hannibal is looking to guide them to be more like him.  In “Savoureux,” he uses the opportunity of Will being back at the scene of the crime with Garrett Jacob Hobbs to encourage him to give in to his feelings, which is when Will finally turns on him.

The long, slow march of realization for Will that Hannibal was behind all of the murders was not only inevitable in the general narration of the show, but also in Will’s hallucinations.  That stag, ever present with Will since the beginning, finally took on human form.  Other hints built up to the final reveal, but the fact that Will always knew Hannibal was the killer, on some level, was a masterful visual stroke.

hannibal savoureux mads mikkelsenOne of the things that made Hannibal so frustrating though was the reveal halfway through the season that Will was actually curable, and that Hannibal’s calculation that a close relationship with Will would render Will’s perceptive nature inert worked.  While Jack wanted to give Will the benefit of the doubt in the end, he’s always been quick to call murder most foul (except on Hannibal).  Alana, on the other hand, finally began piecing together the clues — this wasn’t the Will she knew, the clock drawing was a drawn-out plan of Hannibal’s (even though he came prepared to evade her and seemed exceptionally annoyed at how she picked up on it), and that Jack allowing Will to continue to work was “based on Dr.  Lecter’s recommendation.” So what is her next move?

Had Hannibal not been renewed, the finale would have been satisfying without being enough.  Will has been cured, it seems, and his dark eyes trained on a smirking Hannibal in the end suggest that they now come to each other with, more or less, cards on the table.  The trick now is to get them to switch places.  Fantastic (if a bit rushed) finale, great season overall, and a fantastic show.  See you next year (and bring your friends!)

Episode Rating: A

Season Rating: A-

Musings and Miscellanea:

hannibal savoureux laurence fishburne– Not every episode this season was a winner, but overall, well, y’all know.

– The fate of Abigail Hobbs may still remain in question.  Last week many of you pointed out that the show didn’t show Hannibal killing her.  Since the series rarely does anything arbitrarily, it seems like there was a reason.  The ear in the sink, the blood under Will’s fingernails and the blood at the Hobbs’ house certainly seems conclusive, but then again …  maybe Abigail is running free and Van-Gogh-like through the mountains of Minnesota.

– Alana will adopt Will’s dogs, huzzah! That poor little dirty one looking at him as he was carted away …

– Hannibal’s attention to detail is extraordinary.  Remember when he admired Will’s lures when he went to feed the dogs? And then to use that to obscurely frame him using the body parts of all of the victims … wow.

– The show keeps trying to make Beverly happen, but they haven’t developed her enough.  More of her next year would not be unappreciated.

– I liked that Will learned how to attack his handlers (but not kill them!) thanks to what he learned from being inside Dr.  Gideon’s head.

– “Abigail’s blood is on all of us now.  So is Will’s” – Alana

– Nice callback to the premiere episode, to have Will collapse where Hobbs did and say “see?” to Jack just as Hobbs did to him, bu this time, regarding Hannibal as the stag / killer.

– How much does Du Maurier really know about Hannibal? She warns him about his patterns, for instance.  Also, is Gillian Anderson on a crusade for blouses or what?

– Given Bryan Fuller’s timeline, where do you expect things will pick up and go next season?

– Thanks everyone for reading these recaps, I’ve become such a huge fannibal this year and have been glad to share the enthusiasm and gushing!

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  • D

    Did Will say “See?” while laying on the floor of the Hobbes’ kitchen? I had thought that Garrett Jacob Hobbes asked Will, “Is he here?” regarding Hannibal, and then Will was saying to Jack “He’s here.”

    • JD

      I thought they both said “see,” but I could be wrong. Cheers!

    • SP

      They both definitely said “See”

      • Ben Wigler

        I wondered if that was a reference to Red Dragon’s “DO YOU SEE???”

  • JD

    Wow. That finale was awesome. Can’t wait for next year. So many people really don’t understand what they are missing with this show.

  • ponpon

    Concerning Abigail, don’t you think she could have been the ‘veal’ that Hannibal made for Du Maurier? It seems unlikely that she’d be left alive, especially with Hannibal’s conversation concerning her with Du Maurier (I don’t think he was faking that)

    • JS

      I agree with you, I was getting a strong impression that their last meal was Abigail – which got especially creepy when they started the discussion about the age at which the animal is brought to slaughter *shivers*

  • LEM

    I thought Hannibal had served Abigail to Du Maurier based on the veal conversation they had while eating and the feds not recovering the body. It is suspicious that her death was off screen and left ambiguous though.

  • Cory

    The dinner scene with Du Maurier makes me think she knows Hannibal is a killer and knows that she is eating human (which she was enjoying)

    • LEM

      I was thinking that too but there was no real indication as to what she knows but her demeanor seems to express she has more knowledge than most.

  • http://www.facebook.com/buffyangel808 Ethan Steers

    I am left utterly speechless by this show. It is a masterpiece.

  • SG

    This show is amazing, i love the dark, haunting atmosphere. some people often complain that shows can be too dark and humorless, but im glad the creators didn’t try to force little comedy relief moments in between segments or at crime scenes. It really helps ground things and draws you in to the world. I seriously can not wait till season 2, i would love to see the shows creators touch on Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs. Did any one else notice that Will (in the very last shot) seemed as if he was looking Hannibal in the eyes? as if the condition he had in his brain somehow caused him not to look at people- the way he avoided all season? (which i thought Hugh Dancy stuck to incredibly well all season) i wonder if in Season 2 he will be different and appear more confident with other characters.

    • SG

      I realise this isn’t written very well but i was so excited after watching the finale i just had to post here asap

    • Noelle MacLeod

      The reason Will rarely looks people in the eyes is his Asperger’s Syndrome. It has nothing to do with the brain inflammation.

  • Andy Christ

    There are no mountains in Bloomington Minnesota.

  • j12121

    Is anyone else just totally gobsmacked by that season finale and unable to believe we have to wait SO LONG for the next season!??
    Does Alana still believe Will is innocent?
    Does Will remember that Hannibal is the killer?
    How much will being in the hospital for the criminally insane affect Will’s ability to convince Jack etc of his innocence?
    Why did Jack feel it appropriate to wear a hat when Will was being carted off!?
    And thank you Hannibal for teaching me I need to break my thumb to escape from handcuffs should I ever need it….
    And also, is anyone else sad about the loss of Will and Hannibal’s friendship?

    • Ben Wigler

      To the last point, I am sad ! I thought that their relationship was wonderful, and I was sad to see Hannibal give up on the idea of having a friend so soon. That actually made me wonder if anything he said to Scully was true.

  • freetickles

    My hope is that for next season we see the reverse of the Red Dragon/Silence of the Lambs scenario, whereby Jack/Hannibal will visit Will in the mental institution and consult him on crimes.

    I think that the way Will becomes exonerated is that Hannibal will find some other patsy to be the real copycat (and Abigail’s real killer, unless she is in fact alive in which case that part’s unnecessary). In terms of Will’s memory, I think there are two possible approaches:

    1. In his recovery from the brain disease, Will forgets that Hannibal was the copycat and killed Abigail.
    2. In return for Hannibal setting up the patsy, Will agrees to keep Hannibal’s crimes (that he knows about) a secret.

    I think #1 is a bit of a copout and I like #2 better, but #2 doesn’t really work for the sustainability of the show. The show’s future (or at least Will’s involvement in it) would be severely limited if Will already knows Hannibal’s a killer, and wouldn’t really make sense in connection with how Will eventually catches Hannibal in the Red Dragon movie prologue (which I believe is consistent with the books).

    • Ben Wigler

      Another option is that in Hannibal’s finding another patsy (something I would bet on, and I’d bet on the male forensic analyst as the patsy), Will Graham is forced to apologize to Hannibal for believing him a killer, and we get a season with him ingratiated to Hannibal, before a 3rd season in which it’s all revealed, and a 4th season in which the Red Dragon storyline plays out (as Fuller has repeatedly said).

  • 97point6

    A masterpiece of a show, on par, and arguably in some ways superior to their HBO/Showtime counterparts. I still can’t believe this is coming from one of the four major networks – what a treat. This finale has to be my favorite episode. One great scene, albeit, a minor one, re-staged their standard two-on conversations between Hannibal and “patient” used throughout the show. This time though we observe Will in prison orange in an empty interrogation room occupying the right side where Hannibal is usually placed. Hell if I know what it means but as with the entire show it was beautifully filmed and ripe for interpretation. Please keep the recaps coming in the next season, I really enjoy the viewpoints and all of us sharing something rare, dark, and beautiful.

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