HANNIBAL Series, NOTORIOUS Pilot Ordered by NBC

     February 14, 2012


Thomas Harris’ classic character is about to make the jump from feature film to small screen. Hannibal, a Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) project, has been ordered direct-to-series by NBC. The 13 episode thriller will go back to the beginning, as suggested by the logline:

“One-hour contemporary thriller series featuring the classic characters from Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon – FBI agent Will Graham and his mentor Dr. Hannibal Lecter – who are re-introduced at the beginning of their budding relationship.”

NBC also greenlit a pilot order for Notorious, a detective story/soap opera from writer Liz Heldens (Friday Night Lights). Hit the jump for more on both projects.

News of the network’s orders hannibal-anthony-hopkins-edward-nortoncomes via EW. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Hannibal order is not that it went straight to series, but that Fuller has decided to focus on FBI agent Will Graham rather than the more popular agent, Clarice Starling. Of course, this makes sense if the story is going to take on more of an origin slant.

The pickup of Hannibal comes about a week after news that Fuller’s other project, The Munsters, has been shelved temporarily in order to fine tune it. The pilot will likely shoot this summer in preparation for a mid-season release in 2013.

NBC’s other order, Notorious, is described as follows:

“An opulent soap in which a female detective returns undercover to the wealthy family she grew up in – as the maid’s daughter – to solve the murder of the notorious heiress who was once her closest friend.”

If it’s anything like Helden’s recent project Prime Suspect, I might be encouraged to tune in.

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  • Justin

    I know a bunch of people are going to whine and complain about how it’ll probably suck, that everything these days is unoriginal, and all of that same garbage people spit out when something like this comes along, but frankly I’m excited. It’s not because I’m looking forward to a TV series based on Hannibal Lecter, it’s because Bryan Fuller is a brilliant fucking writer.

    Dead Like Me was amazing, Pushing Daisies is perhaps one of my favorite TV shows, and his work on Star Trek and Heroes have always been some of the highest notes in the respective series. ANYTHING Bryan Fuller does gets my attention because he is one of the best TV writers out there.

    I have no doubt that he’ll do a good job on Hannibal, and that the quirky charm he so often brings to off-color comedies like Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies will make the new Munsters series a great iteration and a stand out on it’s own if it gets off the ground.