Graphic Violence Abounds in Extended Preview for NBC’s HANNIBAL

     March 14, 2013


NBC has released a new extended preview for creator/executive producer Bryan Fuller’s (Pushing Daisies) highly anticipated upcoming series Hannibal.  This one’s more stylish than the international trailer we saw a few weeks ago, and delves quite a bit deeper into the plot.  The show is an adaptation of the Thomas Harris series of novels featuring the Hannibal Lecter character, as we follow the early relationship between the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and his patient, a young FBI criminal profiler named Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers.  Though I’m really looking forward to the show, I’m a bit surprised by just how much violence is acceptable for network TV nowadays.  I remember when ER was considered graphic, but between Hannibal and Fox’s The Following (not to mention cable’s The Walking Dead), it feels like the networks are just a couple of years away from full-on Hostel-level gore.

Hit the jump to watch the intriguing extended preview.  Hannibal also stars Laurence Fishbourne and premieres on NBC on April 4th at 10pm.


  • Merlin235

    My Lord, how is that allowed on television? Does no one find it incredibly disturbing that we watch humans getting torn apart for ENTERTAINMENT’s sake?

    • DG

      oh shut up

    • Mike

      I find it disturbing that this level of violence is allowed on TV but for some reason language and nudity is so taboo. Typical religious BS. Of course most world religions have used violence to get their way so why should be surprising that violence is OK but nudity and language isn’t?

    • Muh

      I don’t!

      I think Walking Dead has actually surpassed Hostel levels of gore.

    • mattedscreen

      And 24 guys hitting each other as hard as they can just so they can move a little ball down a big field is any less violent because they do it in an arena and on TV in front of millions of fans? It’s called Hannibal, the character has been killing people in print and on the big screen for near 30 years now… you’re a little late to the morality party

      • matt

        24 guys? Must be a Canadian.

  • Mike

    Based on Red Dragon and the things that are alluded to in that book but took place before it, The Following is basically the Lecter/Graham relationship before Lecter was caught. So now this show is the Lecter/Graham relationship before Lecter was caught. So I imagine it will contain the same insane level of suspense of belief. Only here the audience will be asked to believe that Graham spent years working with Lecter and never realized he was a serial killer.

  • Scotty

    Can’t wait for it! Finally a new show that looks interesting and promising!

  • Kyle

    Reminds me of Millennium level violence (adjusted by 15 years)

  • Allison Keene

    “it feels like the networks are just a couple of years away from full-on Hostel-level gore.”

    THIS. (sigh).

  • Doubtfull

    The Following is PG at most. Incredibly tame for a serial killer drama.

    And Mad Men? lol

    • Anonymous

      You, sir, are probably desensitized to the most violent stuff. I feel sorry for you.

  • sloan

    Jesus fucking Christ, It’s Hannibal, OF COURSE it has to be violent. Get over yourselves, if it’s so violent then don’t watch it! And oh no, little timmy saw a bad tv show, who fucking cares about little Timmy? Don’t let him watch tv, have him read a book, but beware, there might be some violence! Lol, all that aside, the only thing about this that seems off is lecter’s voice.

  • Casper L

    Blood = Bad and we should not watch it on TV.

    Sports where people are paralysed, suffer brain damage and have so many concussions that they get mental illnesses = Bring it on

    America is weird.