First Image from HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS Starring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton

     December 2, 2011


The first image from fairy tale re-imagining Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters has gone online. The movie stars Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton as the eponymous characters who are all growed up and looking for a little payback against the witch community.  Arterton tells Entertainment Weekly that the movie is “as much Pulp Fiction as fairy tale.”  So how do you defeat witches?  Do you burn their gingerbread houses to the ground?  Judging by this image, witches are terrified by the black leather.

Hit the jump for the full image plus more on what Arterton had to say about the movie.  The film also stars Famke Janssen and Peter StormareHansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters opens March 2, 2012.

Image via EW.


Arterton says that audiences can expect a film with some comedy and a close brother and sister relationship, but that it’s got a “Quentin Tarantino feel”.  She also says that the movie will try to build off the logical conclusion of how these Hansel and Gretel would have grown up:

EW: Interesting. So instead of Jules and Vincent, we have Hansel and Gretel. And beyond being killers, they’re siblings who feel they need to protect each other?

Gemma Arterton: We spent a lot of time thinking about that and behaving like brother and sister, making it detailed so it wasn’t just two actors kicking butt, really. That would get boring. In our minds, these are two people who grew up with no parents and they only have each other and the bond they have, and with the complexities of that, some resentment.

They would be pretty messed up, come to think of it. After nearly being eaten …

Arterton: They had to murder somebody when they are kids! So it’s all about being tough. Jeremy and I found within the script moments where we showed the vulnerable side of them. Often in action movies, people are scared to put that in. I think it was important. Just a couple moments, tender moments, when the guard drops, then you understand.

She also says Gretel “is much more in tune with her spiritual side,” but Hansel “is a typical action hero, cheeky, funny, a womanizer.” It will be interesting to see how the two actors play off each other, particularly in a brother and sister dynamic which won’t have the sexual tension of the typical male-female action hero duo.

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  • James Merrick

    Gemma Arterton is so gorgeous and sexy. She’s a very talented actress. It’ll be an incredible performance, just wonderful.

    • Zach

      hahaha this guy manages to say this on every post with every actress and its always hilarious when someone takes it seriously. obviously no one took the bait this time.

  • Stephens

    Anyone else feel like they might be getting too much Jeremy Renner? The guy is a great actor but it’s kind of like how Seth Rogen was a few years ago. There was a period when he seemed to have a movie come out every other month and you just kind of got tired of him, even though he was for the most part still pretty funny.

    • Alex-mansy

      That’s because he appears to have little range as an actor, so you feel your getting the same character in every very different film.

      Arterton probably has more range than him. (compare her character portrayals in a few blockbusters, very distinct)

      Not a showstopper but I don’t see him counterweighting this deficiency with charisma, imagination or amazing acting skill. (he’s good but not that good)

  • Old Soldier

    “Quentin Tarantino feel”? So does this mean only 5 min of witch killing and the rest of the time talking about what they call a gingerbread house in France and asking for another glass of milk to go with it?

  • Blob

    Jeremy Renner overload… why are they giving so many franchises and leads to someone who’s yet to prove himself in the box-office? He may be a decent actor, but his biggest claim to fame is starring in the lowest-grossing Best Picture winner in history.

    Avengers, Mission Impossible, and so many others… aren’t there other actors in Hollywood that deserve a chance? Can’t we, the viewing public, decide who are movie stars are, anymore?

    • Duh

      This is what happens you a) are the lead in a Best Picture b) get nominated for an Oscar yourself. It’s nothing new. If we, the viewing public, decided who the movie stars were, we’d get Taylor Laughter taking over franchises instead, because the majority of the viewing public are complete idiots with no taste. So Hollywood chooses them for us.

  • jack

    Renner has proven himself to be a great actor and his claim to fame is being nominated for oscars the past 2 years. But, as much as I like the guy and his movies, it’s becoming too much. Look at Daniel Craig this year, the guy had too many movies and they bombed. Yes, MI:4 is technically Cruise’s film and the avengers is an ensemble, but damn man. By the time The Bourne Legacy comes out, the audience may be all Renner’d out

  • Renner_Fan_123

    You can never get enough Jeremy Renner.

  • mil

    why more “re-imagined fairy tales”?


    • Clark Griswold

      Because Alice in Wonderland made a billion dollars.

  • jymmmymack

    Anyone else reminded of Gilliam’s Brothers Grimm?

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  • Blob


    Actually, you’re wrong. The voting public decided we didn’t want Taylor Lautner, either, nor any of the Twilight people leading our movies. Also, Renner might have been nominated for an Oscar in a Best Picture movie, but it’s the lowest-ever box-office Best Picture winner ever… which means his involvement, however well acted, didn’t help that movie as much as its convenience in setting up a She/He fighter between Bigalow and Cameron (for Avatar).

    I like Renner, he seems OK, but how about we let the actual box-office decide who gets in what, and how often? This way we’ll actually avoid the Taylor Lautners of the world, and reward those actors with gravitas and the ability to entertain us when actually given a chance, at least, a chance not taken by a Hollywood-mandated “next big thing”.

    If nothing else, it reminds me of the supposed ‘return’ of Micheal Caine a few years back, whom Hollywood left for dead. What movies he was in he made the most of, and finally managed to claw his way back to the mainstream. Why? Because people actually LIKED HIM, and wanted to see more. Just saying…

  • Blob

    p.s. I think I (and most people) can choose their movie stars a hell of a lot better than Hollywood.

    If they had their way all the time, you’d have George Clooney as Optimus Prime and someone other than Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight.

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  • The blackwidow ph

    Great movie love it …

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