Watch: Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard Discuss Surviving & Dying in ‘Happy Death Day’

     October 13, 2017

What would you do if you were trapped in an unending time-loop, murdered over and over by an unknown assailant in a creepy baby mask? In Happy Death Day, Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) finds herself in just such a situation, on her birthday no less, reliving the same day repeatedly until she can solve her own murder. It’s shocking that no one’s thought to merge a slasher film with Groundhog Day before; and yet a cursory Google search (‘slasher + Groundhog Day’) reveals only Happy Death Day. To be fair – I would probably pay to see any ‘horror + Groundhog Day’ type film: Zombie Groundhog Day, Vampire Groundhog Day, Exorcist Groundhog Day… The list is as endless and repeatable as, err, Groundhog Day.


Image via Blumhouse / Universal Pictures

In the following interview with stars Jessica Rothe & Israel Broussard (who co-stars as Tree’s love interest Carter), the actors discuss what they would do in a murderous time loop, their favorite horror film performances, and the souvenirs they kept from set. For the full interview, watch above.

Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard:

  • Did Broussard or Rothe get to keep any of the Happy Death Day killer masks?
  • Did they keep any souvenirs from set?
  • Did they ever struggle with their characters’ choices in the horror film?
  • What would they do in a murderous time loop?
  • What are their favorite horror film performances?
  • What’s the first thing they do to get into character?
  • How did Rothe get into the sorority girl mindset?
  • How similar does Broussard find his character, Carter, to himself?

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