First Trailer for HARA-KIRI: DEATH OF A SAMURAI from the Director of 13 ASSASSINS

     June 22, 2012


The new trailer for Takashi Miike’s Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai has landed.  The 13 Assassins’ director has remade the 1964 Masaki Kobayashi original, which tells the tale of an elder, poverty-stricken samurai who goes to his feudal lord’s home to commit an honorable suicide.  Things take an unexpected turn when the fate of the samurai’s son-in-law is discovered.  Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai stars Koji Yakusho (13 Assassins), Eita (Azumi) and Hikari Mitsushima.  The Tribeca film is available on VOD staring July 18th, with a 3D theatrical release in New York and LA starting July 20th.  Hit the jump to check out the trailer for Miike’s Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai.

The following trailer does a nice job of playing up on the tagline, “Love. Honor. Revenge.” in what looks like a worthwhile remake of the Kobayashi classic.  Check it out below:

Here’s the official synopsis for Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai :

From visionary auteur Takashi Miike (13 ASSASSINS) comes the story of a mysterious samurai who arrives at the doorstep of his feudal lord, requesting an honorable death by ritual suicide in his courtyard. The lord threatens him with the brutal tale of Motome, a desperate young ronin who made a similar request with ulterior motives, only to meet a grisly end. Undaunted, the samurai begins to tell a story of his own, with an ending no one could see coming. With stunning cinematography and gripping performances, HARA-KIRI: DEATH OF A SAMURAI is a thrilling exploration of revenge, honor, and individuality in the face of oppressive power.


  • Alex

    Why remake a perfect movie?

  • Chesterfield

    @Alex: Exactly.
    This is not a bad film, by the way. There are some unnecessary changes made to the original story and it certainly lacks the gut-punch power of the original, but it’s not horrible. It’s still a good story. The best thing that can come out of this remake is that people start paying more attention to the original.
    The original probably has Tatsuya Nakadai’s best performance, BTW. It might not be by much, and he’s certainly great in Ran and Sword of Doom, but still…

    • Jason

      Could agree with you more… Tatsuya Nakadai is amazing in the ORIGINAL.. Sword of Doom is my favorite Nakadai film, followed by Kagemusha and Ran.

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