Who Is Harley Quinn and What Can We Expect from Her Spinoff Movie?

     June 19, 2016


Warner Bros., in the superhero film arms race, has managed to drop another bomb by releasing news that a Harley Quinn movie is currently in development based on Margot Robbie‘s iteration of the character who will make her debut in this August’s Suicide Squad. Harleen Quinzel has been a staple within the Batman universe, along with the DC Comic-verse as a whole, for over a decade now. Unlike many of the other Bat-villains we’ve come to know over the years, the “Clown Princess of Crime” had quite a different origin from her fellow Arkham Asylum inmates. In this article, we’ll walk you through Harley’s past in Batman: The Animated Series, her present in the DC comics, and her future in the DC Cinematic Universe to suss out what we might reasonably expect in a Harley Quinn spinoff movie.

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