Harrison Ford Hopes Alcon Can “Bring Something New” to the New BLADE RUNNER Movie

     August 4, 2011


Alcon Entertainment stirred up a hurricane of controversy when it acquired the rights to produce prequels and sequels to Blade Runner.  Since its release in 1982, Blade Runner has cultivated a reputation as one of the all-time great science fiction movies.  Alcon co-founders/co-CEOs Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove acquired the property because they, too, are fans of the property.  But they must tread carefully to avoid keep from alienating the core fanbase, a very protective bunch.

Thankfully, they have Blade Runner star Harrison Ford on their side.  Or at least, Ford is not actively rooting against their efforts.  While making the rounds to promote Cowboys & Aliens, Ford told Omelete:

“If they go into it with the ambition and some very good idea of how to bring something new to it, maybe it’ll be successful.”

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Omelete asked, “There’s a lot of talk about a new Blade Runner movie. Maybe developing into a TV series, things like that. How do you feel about it?”  Ford responded:


“I don’t have any feeling whatsoever. It was an interesting part of my professional life, I’m glad I made that movie, I’m glad that it got released without the hideous voice-over and I don’t know anything about it. I don’t have a judgement about how wise it is to revisit it. I personally think if you’re gonna do… The ambition every time that I’ve been involved in a sequel of a film or a movie that had a number of iterations, I always felt that we were responsible for bringing something new to the characters and to the experience of the audience. If they go into it with the ambition and some very good idea of how to bring something new to it, maybe it’ll be successful.

I wouldn’t feel bad if I were not invited to the party, because I would understand they would want fresh blood to be spilled. So there you are. They’re making another Jack Ryan movie and I’m not involved. So that’s the way it is.”

That’s a pretty optimistic response for an actor with a prickly reputation, and a very reasonable stance.  In most cases, it would probably be best to leave the classics alone.  But if a new Blade Runner movie or TV series is inevitable, of course we hope the folks in charge seek out a fresh take.  There’s always more story out there, and some of it’s worth telling.  If the chosen approach is tired or wrongheaded, Mr. Ford and I will be happy to ignore it.  (Same goes for that Jack Ryan reboot.)


  • Steven A

    Love this movie, Not to sound to much like a fanboy, but leave it alone.

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  • hey809

    forget in trying to bring something new. just bring something good. this new movie needs a director who respects the original blade runner. from the design of the futuristic city to the concept of the androids and their stories. and then translate all that is good in the original and put that in this new movie plus more. add more action than the original and make a better story with great hard working actors. (the action doesnt have to be over the top but has to be well done). of course the script has to be extremely well done/written. and of course it needs to have a large dedicated team with a long schedule.

  • will

    I say leave it alone, on 3 conditions:
    1. Get Christopher Nolan to direct, or Ridley Scott to return.
    2. Have David Peoples (the original screenwriter) involved in some capacity
    3. Get Vangelis to return to score.

    • Jorge

      I totally agree with you. Ever since I heard that Nolan was an option to be in charge of Blade Runner’s sequel/precuel I was excited. Honestly, I would prefer a sequel, starting in the obvious point where the original ended. However, I believe that this project, if ever to happen, will take SOME time.

    • Jen

      Nolan would be a perfect choice for this. I hadn’t heard that he was an option. I only say that because he took Batman, which fans are extremely dedicated too and he managers the hype. He balances both audiences – ones who have read the original material and ones who only know the material from the movies. Plus he does a good job controlling the media with his projects. For this film to succeed they need to get the devoted fans on board. Otherwise new audiences will be leery and old audiences will boycott. I’m glad they are looking at good directors.

  • wev


    We all know whoever they bring on board for this it will end up as total rubbish…a soulless and cgi bloated kids film made purely to be a box office smash for the mainstream….everything that the original did not set out to do.

    Well, at least they are not “rebooting” it. Fingers crossed that im wrong and it is every bit as amazing as Blade Runner….which i highly doubt it will be anywhere near!

  • EmmaLove

    UM, What is this?? WHY? Are they really doing another BR movie? This is a bad idea. Try making something new instead of rehashing older works of the past that are fine the way they are.

  • Torchwood

    If the new people are avid fans and have a lot of respect for the material then maybe they can create something that pays proper tribute to the original…. big ask I know. BUT if ratings and attracting the 18 – 30 something age group is the aim then we will have angst driven teenage androids brooding in dark corners and young pocket knife runners posing for close up camera shots as they avoid the sun so they don’t turn into vampires who want to write diaries or teen werewolves who growl at anything that makes their heart go lickety split.

    Cynical I know but don’t often get proven wrong.

  • nawtnt

    A sequel to Blade Runner? No way, please no.

    The film is a classic, no sequel because it is going to be like Crystal Skull, just awful with cheesy fight scenes.

    If Ridley Scott directs the sequel with a new actor in the role because of Harrison Ford’s age, no offensive then this might work.

    A TV series about Blade Runner might even work.

  • Oliver

    Biggest worry for me is that they won’t build sets and models, and will flood it with CGI. Be brave and keep the production old-school; look at what Ridley is doing with Prometheus and take some notes! Do that and we’ll talk, thanks.

  • AurawavePainRelief jhon

    There’s a million and one questions about pet turtles right now, more than normal. Usually when this happens with a pet this coincides with some silly movie or TV programme coming out.

    • FILMfan

      I think all of the suits at Warner Bros. should be given VOID-COMP tests.

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  • plainview

    let Nolan do a sequel that completely re-invents it. he loves this movie. it could be his Aliens.

  • Tim

    Let’s see how Ridley Scott’s return to the alien universe goes and then maybe he could get another go at the Blade Runner universe. He did create both of them after all (in collaboration with other great designers).

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  • Tarek

    Only a very inspired director can do a sequel to this iconic movie.

    the problem is: I don’t see any inspired director around, Sir Ridley and David Lynch apart.

  • Justin S.

    Blomkamp at the helm with WETA manning the ship and you’ve got my 8 dollars.

  • CABshooter1

    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?!

  • Tiffany

    REALLY!? You can’t, and should never, re make a classic like Blade Runner! What’s this fascination with remaking older movies/ classics!? It just proves that no one in Hollywood has any imagination anymore. It really makes me sad that there is rarely new or original films’ coming out these days. Next they’ll want to re make Aliens or Jurassic Park.


  • CABshooter1

    Philip K DicK!!!

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  • Adult person

    Come on people, Classics? Its science fiction, made into a moving comic book, BR was awsome then I want more! I wanted it then, played the video game several times back in the day and if cg could make the vision bigger and more in depth then do it! I will pay to go and take my 2 kids as well. Ridley I have had time to clone more viewers! Remake them all, the stories are basic simple fantasy I want to see as many versions as can be made! I saw Aliens 1,2,3,and 4 and will attend 5,6,7,8,9 and 10. Who cares about harrison ford,he’s just a hack actor with one expression, I would have paid to live an hour and a half ten times in the blade runner world by now and would love to see lll the new personalities that could have been brought in. sheesh!

    • tarek

      HArrison Ford an actor with one expression ? Grow up Adult person. ^^

  • Paul

    Harrison Ford is amazing, but c’mon man your too old now to be brought to the Blade Runner and Jack Ryan party. You got by with Indy, but your damn near hitting 70 years old!

    • tarek

      True. He must retire, as well as Spielberg and Luca$.

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  • Edde

    I think that this is a horrible decision.The original Blade Runner is in my opinion a masterpiece.It was a groundbreaking and innovative movie.That in my opinion needs to be left alone,aren’t film makers able to come up with any new concepts for their films? Come on Ridley you’re better than this.

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