Harrison Ford Talks His Involvement with STAR WARS: EPISODE VII; Says “I Think It’s Happening”

     March 19, 2013


Another day, another semi-confirmation of a Star Wars return for an actor from the original trilogy.  Despite Joss Whedon’s thoughts on the matter, it seems inevitable now that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford will be reprising their roles from the original Star Wars trilogy in the J.J. Abrams-helmed Episode VII.  Hamill previously said the trio was in talks, Fisher has outright confirmed that she’ll be back, and George Lucas said it’s pretty much a done deal.  Now you can add the final piece of the puzzle to the pile, as Harrison Ford has essentially confirmed that they’ll all be back saying, “I think it’s happening.”  Hit the jump for more.

harrison-ford-star-wars-episode-7Speaking with WGN at an event in Chicago for his Conservation International organization, Ford was asked if it was true that he, Hamill, and Fisher would be back for Star Wars: Episode VII:

“I think it’s almost true. I’m looking forward to it. It’s not in the bag yet, but I think it’s happening.”

It’s a foregone conclusion that Luke, Leia, and Han Solo will be appearing in Episode VII, and the question now is how big their roles will actually be.  We know extremely little about Michael Arndt’s script for the film, and with Abrams set as the director we can safely assume that it’ll stay that way for quite some time.  What do you think, dear readers?  Should Luke, Leia, and Han have integral roles in the Episode VII story or should they be relegated to mere cameos?  Sound off in the comments below, following the video interview with Ford.

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  • LoGan5

    did jj use Nimoy as just a “cameo” actor? nope. he made him the focus of the entire movie..duh..

    • Anonymous


    • TheHOYT

      I would sat that Nimoy’s involvement can still be categorized as a cameo.

      • Steve

        Even if it just turns out to be 15 minutes of Luke, Leia and Han together and trying to get out of a scrape, it will still be perfect. Recapturing the tone and the fun will be the key. I have no doubt that’s exactly what will happen.

      • Paul

        Nimoy was a cameo? Nonesense. He was in many scenes. In the beginning with Nero, on the planet with Kirk, and two scenes with young Spock. He may not have been the “focus” as LoGan5 said, but when an actor is in four scenes (at least, maybe I’m missing one or two more) but at least 4 scenes is no cameo!

  • Chris

    They should be a big part of this movie with a passing of the guard to continue to Episode VIII as a smaller part.

  • NCC-1701

    I think to avoid Indiana Jones 4 Syndrome, the original actors will play relatively small parts while passing the franchise on to the next generation. Han will probably end up dying like Ford always wanted him to, maybe at the climax of VII, mirroring Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan’s deaths (“It’s like poetry, they rhyme” as George would say while we all shake our heads and wish he was capable of writing poetry). I think Luke will play the Obi-Wan/Yoda role, so Hamill may be more involved than Ford and Fisher. The only two characters I can definitely see coming back for relatively major roles throughout the new films are C-3P0 and R2, though. They need to be the bridge between all of the trilogies. And also serve as non-Jar Jar comic relief. Chewbacca may be coming back as well, since, like the droids, age wouldn’t affect his appearance. As for Lando Calrissian, I can’t even come up with a guess. Billy Dee Williams is Billy Dee Williams, after all.

  • TheHOYT

    With the exception of maybe Hamill, they should be regulated to cameo roles.

    • FilmIsObsolete

      I agree with this. Luke Skywalker could be a very effective mentor/Obi Wan role.

    • Anonymous

      You dont really know what you’re talking about then… In the extented univers, the solo family has a central role..

      • tarek

        True. they are smugglers dealing in imperial shish kebab.

  • Strong Enough

    One of them is going to die i bet. It might be either Lela or Han. Luke is too important

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  • jk

    Supporting roles. Build new characters, let the universe expand.

  • chris h

    I think 20min fo Mark Hamill & about 10-15min for Carrie & Harrison ….enough time for them to pass the torch to the next generation & enough time for some old style humour & nostalgia …..

  • sense 11

    I’m Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon, and the only actor whose career isn’t destroyed by this movie

    • Paul

      Nonsense. Sure, Hamil and Fisher may not have had the kind of career that Ford has had. But, they are mediocre actors and have had work, very likely more than they would have if they were never in Star Wars.

      • sense 11

        I was repeating a Family Guy Blue Harvest joke,

        I know they’ve had decent careers but come one, Harrison Ford is worth 200 million dollars
        Hamill 6 Million
        Fisher 2.5 Million

        I hope they both make a lot of money in this new trilogy

  • Northern Star

    Well this is a change in attitude for Ford who’s been nothing but contemptous about his involvement in the original Trilogy these last thirty years… guess the lure of the paycheck is greater than the love of the profession these days for ol’ Harry!

    • star wars is officially dead.

      it is because it will not be an official star wars movie (just like jj’s star trek movie was not an official star trek movie, it just had the title, which is plagiarism, plagiarism again with his fake star wars movie), and lucas basically has nothing to do with it.

      Should have had joe johnston or brad bird as director disney, lucasfilm, lucas.

      You idiots already messed up!

  • star wars is officially dead.

    Without lucas as director, this will bomb. Casting jj as a hack director was a mistake disney and lucasfilm and lucas himself. Does not matter anyway, it won’t be and is not a star wars movie. Go to hell jj and his fans!

    • Random


      • lisa

        Movie will flop hard Random. JJ is overrated big time. I was looking forward to Star Wars 7 a little bit, up until the director was announced. Now I don’t give a damn about this movie.

      • star wars is officially dead.

        ehhhh MAKE ME DUMBB ASSS! GO away, you know you would rather suck jj’s disgusting balls you disgusting freak!

    • Jocke A

      Episode 5 & 6 wasnt directed by Lucas either, and still those two are stronger than the ones he directed. JJ is an excellent choice.

    • THGhost

      You sir need to calm the fuck down. You don’t know that the movie will bomb, none of us do. Unless you’ve built a time machine?

    • Chad

      That’s funny, I didn’t know The Empire Strikes Back bombed. And Return of the Jedi.

      Someone named “star wars is officially dead.” just implanted his foot squarely in his mouth, and now looks like a fool.

      • Steve

        I see the trolls have been satisfactorily fed. Maybe they’ll take a nap now.

  • star wars is officially dead.

    Hey Random – ehhhh MAKE ME DUMBB ASSS! GO away, you know you would rather suck jj\’s disgusting balls you disgusting freak!

  • English gent

    The solo family are living a peaceful life on a planet on the outer rim. The film opens with an introduction to the solo family. cut to a dark planet a dark force. An ancient sith lord giving orders to an new bread of deadly with. To go and kill the Solo family in order to bring out the last remaining Jedi luke skywalker who has been living in a far off distant galaxy. The solos are attacked in the battle han is killed. His family are destroyed his two sons one hell belt on revenge and the other focuses on looking after his family. At the funeral of han luke returns and sees the the struggle of the boys and offers to train them in the ways of the force and re establish the jedi temple. The ancient sith plan is taking shape. Luke trains both of hans sons one is full of hatred the other full of good. Lukes battle is to stop the ancient sith from turning the solo children to the dark side. Will they he succeed or will the ancient with take one or both of the sons to the dark side……JUST SAYING!

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