New Images from the HARRY POTTER Diagon Alley Attraction; Opens at Universal Orlando on July 8th

     June 18, 2014


If you’re looking for some family fun (or fun on your own; family not required), then you may want to head to Universal Orlando.  The popular Harry Potter attraction will expand to Diagon Alley on July 8th.  Hogsmeade Village opened in 2010, and has, unsurprisingly been a hit.  In addition to being able to visit the popular shops of Diagon Alley, visitors will also be able to on the new ride, “Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts”.

According to Yahoo!, it will run you $136 to guy a two-park pass that will allow you to travel between Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade Village.  The two attractions are connected by the Hogwarts Express.  While it may seem a little pricey, can you really put a price on this kind of magic?  Technically, yes.  But I would play it gladly.  Hit the jump to check out Harry Potter Diagon Alley images.






  • Bob

    My God.

  • Jacob

    Dat dragon…

  • tarek

    the streets are too large. they should be very narrow

    • Angel of Death

      That would be idiotic from a business and tourism standpoint. They are expecting HUGE crowds. The more narrow the alley, the less people they can fit, and the less happy consumers and visitors will be. It would completely ruin the experience for people who fly long distances, and pay a ton of money to get in, just to feel like a sardine in a can with a million other people, unable to move or get to different locations.

      • tarek

        Idiotic or no, the magic is missing.

        Millions of people are visiting Venice. The streets are narrow, and no one has complained so far.

      • scheebles

        This is the stupidest reasoning I’ve ever heard. Venice is rather large and you don’t PAY to get into the city. This is a theme park attraction. People would be furious if they paid and couldn’t get in because it’s so small that it doesn’t allow enough in at a time. There is already going to be return times/tickets to just get into the land as it is.

        They did a great job of making it bigger while also making it seem compact (angling the tops of the buildings in, etc).

      • tarek

        Of course you do! you pay your flight ticket, your train and your hotel.
        anyway, this is a very Americanized Diagon Alley. It’s like visiting Harrods mall.

        This how would look like Diagon alley:

      • scheebles

        You pay for your plane and hotel at Universal,too. And THEN you pay to get in. You’re being rather thick. Those streets are only 30-40 wide. It’s going to be hell already. It’s not “Americanized”, it’s maximized for theme park crowds. It could’ve been MUCH bigger but they tried to respect Rowling’s vision. As such, this IS a theme park. Not a recreation of the set.

      • The Destroyer

        I don’t know much about theme park codes, but I’m pretty sure that the main walkways have to have a certain width according to the amount of visitors. To have narrow walkways between buildings is a fire hazard if a fire breaks out in the park, and they need to evacuate everyone.

      • tarek

        It could be.
        But I am sure that the main reason is $.

      • scheebles

        Yeah because a theme park should NEVER want to make money. It’s a business, dude. The level of respect they’ve shown Rowling (she got to approve every single thing that went into the land and they listened to her every instruction) should get them some cred.

      • tarek

        I suspect you are one of the shareholders dude.

        Reminds me of the crap Lucas was selling with a star wars sticker on them.

      • ayhljhybh

        I doubt anyone who will pay to visit the park will be complaining that there’s too much space to walk around. What an asinine thing to complain about. You sound like a f*cking idiot, Tarek. Like hearing yourself talk much?

      • tarek

        I sound like an idiot, but you look like an idiot.

      • scheebles

        Haha! No, my friend. Just an avid theme park goer and a amateur student of theme park design. The level of detail, care, and compassion that has gone into this project is un-paralleled. Don’t believe me? Google what the inside of Universal’s Hogwarts Express looks like. It’s exact down to the threading of the seats.

        You, however, sound like a cynical fan who wants exact realism regardless of the cost. You decry the commercialism of the project but rather conveniently forget all of the fans who will find utter joy in walking through these streets. That’s why Rowling was so hands on and welcoming of this project. It gave her fans joy.

      • tarek

        Not at all. Just giving my opinion. I hope people will enjoy themselves in this Harrods, oops sorry in this Diagon alley.

      • Diagon Ally

        Just have to chime in and +1 everything Scheebles has been saying. Scheebles, you’re speaking with utmost logic and realism. The people arguing with you are making themselves sound like bloody wankers.

      • tarek

        diagon Ally baba and the 40 thieves ?

      • scheebles

        What’s hilariously ironic about this comment is the fact that it’s “Ali Baba”, but nice try to make fun of someone else.

      • tarek

        No. Just because he seems like a baba cool. and the gang

    • Guest

      Yes, but there will be thousands of people there a day, especially during the first year of opening. They learned their lesson with the first section and built this one to better accommodate the crowds.

  • The Destroyer

    Hogsmeade blew me away when I went, so I am psyched for this one. I want to know more about the Gringotts ride.

  • bookon

    Frozen Butterbeer… Mmmmmm…. Also no one pays 130+ for a single day ticket. 2 days is like 145…

    • scheebles

      The newest thing is Butter Beer ice cream. I’ve heard it puts frozen butterbeer to shame…

      • bookon

        Oh My… We’re going to be there this coming january. I’ll have to try it.

  • Ikarus

    If you want to see the real thing just go to the Waners studio tour in london

    • Matt Goldberg

      This sounds like something a Malfoy would say to a Weasley.

    • Ike B’s D


  • Grendal Sven

    Wait, so you have to pay to get into Universal Studios, and then pay again to get into the Harry Potter areas?

    Someone enlighten me, I am a notorious cheapskate and need to know if I have to add this place to my “never in a million years” file.

    • scheebles

      No, you pay to get into Universal with a park hopper (there are two parks, one HP land in each park) and then you have access to the areas. It’s just like Fantasyland at Disney. It’s just part of the park.