Unlimited Paper #1: Includes HARRY POTTER, PORTAL, DRIVE and INSIDIOUS Prints

     July 3, 2012


Over at Kickstarter.com,  a startup company going by the name DzXtinKt—led by a gentleman by the name of Turrel David—has put together a campaign to get a trio of posters printed:  two based on Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive, one based on James Wan’s Insidious (note:  both of these movies were awesome, and I will fight you if you say otherwise).   DzXtinKt is using Kickstarter to find the production and printing of these prints, and they are….man, they are really cool.

Before we show ‘em off, though—and tell you how you can get your hands on your very own copies—let’s let Turrel David describe the idea behind the campaign, the prints themselves, etc.  Here he is now, via the link above:

All of us at DzXtinKt have become SO fed up with Hollywood’s current reputation of bad movie posters. Too many of the current movie posters suck!…The tarnished reputation of film poster art is plagued by eternal “suckage.”  Advertising agencies and “the suits” have long replaced actual movie poster artists with “marketing experts.” DzXtinKt intends to change that! It is time to bring good art back to good films! If you agree, please support us. Join our journey and you will receive many updates along the way.  Our first project is a series of 3 movie posters for the amazing neo noir film DRIVE and for Leigh Whannell and James Wan’s horror masterpiece INSIDIOUS.

DzXtinKt needs your help and support. We need to pay for production/printing costs, licensing fees, packaging supplies and mailing expenses. Your donations will help us meet all of these costs and release our movie posters.

Licensing is a MAJOR expense that will cost several thousands of dollars. If we do not reach our goal, DzXtinKt Originals will receive $0 which means that our chances of licensing both artworks will greatly decrease and my company and I will struggle tremendously to make these posters available for purchase!

In other words, normal Kickstarter rules apply:  if the project meets its ~$27,000 goal, the prints are going to be produced, distributed, and everyone who contributed money to the campaign is going to walk away a happy camper…but if that goal isn’t reached, no one pays a dime (with Kickstarter campaigns, your funds won’t be drawn from your account until the goal is reached).  Right now, the DzXtinKt campaign is hovering under the $7,000 mark, so there’s quite a ways to go before this thing is in the clear.

Good news is, there’s still 28 days to meet the goal, so if you’ve already donated…have no fear.  I mean, hell, just look at the posters below:  if you’re a poster collector and you don’t want at least one of these on your walls, you may already be insane:




The Drive poster at the top is the regular edition, and—assuming the goals of the campaign are met—will be released in an edition of 300 to anyone who made a minimum $60 donation to the campaign.  The next one—the $60 variant edition—comes from a much smaller edition (50 prints, to be precise) that’s already sold out singularly.  The Insidious print will come from a run of 300 and will also be released to those who make a $60 donation to DzXtinKt’s campaign.  All of that said, there are also options for those that want a regular and a variant edition of the Drive print, or those who want all three prints, and so on:  just head on over to the Kickstarter page to pour through the options yourself.

Note:  We’ll be keeping everyone up to date on the progress of DzXtinKt’s Drive/Insidious Kickstarter campaign in future editions of Limited Paper rather than Unlimited Paper.  If you’ve already donated, make sure you spread the word about these prints far and wide—if they don’t hit that goal, all of us are going to end up going home empty-handed.

That about does it for this, the first-ever installment of Unlimited Paper.  Going forward, if you come across an open-edition/pre-sale print that you’d like to see featured here (or, hell, if you’re the artist producing an open-edition print run), feel free to drop us a line at LimitedPaper@yahoo.com.  And be sure to stay tuned for some major stuff from Limited Paper in the week ahead, folks:  we’re going to have exclusive reports from Mondo Mystery Movie X, the big-ass poster-swap happening in Austin the day before MMMX, and much, much more!

As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below if you’ve got anything to add to this…and don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you’ve got art, prints, or rumors you’d like to see featured in our next installment!

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