Harvey Keitel Greets LITTLE FOCKERS; Zachary Quinto Takes a Spin on Whirligig

     November 12, 2009


According to THR, Harvey Keitel has joined the inevitable pain that is Little Fockers.   Even though Keitel has never achieved the stature of his early peer Robert De Niro, Keitel has kept steady work in low-profile material and thus maintained the respect that De Niro cannot claim with his rocky record of the past 15 years.  However, he will re-team with his Mean Streets co-star for the first time since 1997’s Cop Land.  But while I sight for De Niro, I shrug for Keitel because he’s kept work as a steady character actor and I find his career as respectable as I used to find De Niro’s.

In an unrelated project, Zachary Quinto aka New Spock, may make his next feature project a “romantic adventure” called Whirligig.  The film “centers on a man who, in a misguided attempt to woo an older woman, befriends the woman’s adopted son.”  Risky Biz reports that Quinto has been highly selective of his projects and were he to join the Canadian indie, filming is set to begin early next year.  Since I don’t watch Heroes and don’t know the frequency he appears on the show, I wonder if his selective process is also part of trying to fit a film into his shooting schedule.  He is definitely signed on to the Star Trek sequel but there’s no official word about when it will begin filming.

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