Has LOST’s Dominic Monaghan Been Found?

     June 5, 2009

lost_image_dominic_monaghan_charlie_pace_01.jpgLook, “Lost”–we have a deal.  You get to mindfuck me as much as you want for the four months of the year when you’re on the air.  The other eight I get to try and wrap my head around the latest season before coming to conclusion I always come to which is that I won’t understand the puzzle until I have all the pieces so I should just give my poor brain a break. [Spoilers from this point on]

You broke the deal, “Lost”.  Or rather, ABC did by airing a new promo featuring Dominic Monaghan who played Charlie Pace.  There’s just one problem:  Charlie died at the end of season three so what the fuck is going on when Patrick Dempsey says to him during a little foosball game, “You’re so dead!” and Monaghan turns to foosball partner Courtney Cox (who will be on ABC’s upcoming “Cougar Town”) and says “I was.”

Did the Losties really manage to alter time in the season finale?  I’ve been maintaining that they actually caused the incident rather than avoiding it.  To change time and make the plane land safely in New York, there’s no way that Sun is back at the island three years later with Ajira people, the Others, and all those weird goings on…unless there are now two parallel timelines, in which case…

And I’ve gone cross eyed.  We had a deal, “Lost”!  Check out the promo after the jump.  The final season of “Lost” premieres in 2010.