Hawkman Could Be Flying into His Own Movie

     December 21, 2009


Pajiba reports that Warner Bros./DC are developing a movie based on the superhero Hawkman.  This falls in line with what we heard back in September concerning Warner Bros. restructuring DC to bring their superhero properties to the big screen.  We learned that Warner Bros. Pictures Group president Jeff Robinov was calling up producers like Chuck Roven, Joel Silver, and Akiva Goldman to let them know that their projects are getting a new chance at life, which all makes sense considering how Marvel’s has run the table on translating superheroes on to the big screen.

Additionally, we’ve been hearing that WB is planning to make a major announcement in January 2010 concerning their superhero projects.  However, until we actually hear this announcement, take it with salt.  For now, hit the jump to learn more about Hawkman and why WB may be developing a movie based on this second-tier character.

hawkman_01.jpgBriefly, there have been several versions of Hawkman but he always has archaic weaponry (i.e. mace), giant, artificial wings attached to a harness created from “Nth metal” that allows him to fly.  In the Golden Age comics (late 1930s-40s), Hawkman was Carter Hall, an archeologist who was the reincarnation of the Egyptian prince Khufu.  This Hawkman was a charter member and the chairman of the Justice Society of America.  However, an alternate version of the character has him coming from the planet Thangar.  In this version, Katar Hol (I know, I know) and his wife Shayera are Thangarian police officers who come to Earth and choose to stay here and work as crimefighters.  Katar Hol was inducted into the Justice League of America.  Since it looks like WB will be moving ahead with the Justice League, I’m not sure where, or even if, Hawkman  would fit in a potential set-up (a la Marvel’s Avengers movie) of the Justice League.

One final note, Pajiba does not have a proven track record and last week they removed rather than corrected their Prisoners of Trebek story when it was discovered to be false.


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