January 2, 2013


While we’re still awaiting casting news regarding the female lead for Marvel’s sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we now have some confirmation on who won’t be in the movie.  Hayley Atwell, who played the female lead opposite Chris Evans in The First Avenger, previously played coy when asked about her involvement in the follow-up.  We learned in The Avengers that Peggy Carter is still alive in the present day, and it’s assumed that we’ll be getting at least a few flashbacks to Cap’s 1940s days in the sequel The Winter Soldier, so it seemed feasible for her to make an appearance.  Alas, it appears that Atwell will not, in fact, be popping up in the follow-up.  Hit the jump for more.

hayley-atwell-captain-america-2-sequelWhen asked about her involvement in The Winter Soldier this past September, Atwell responded, “I’m not allowed to say yet.”  Many took this as a semi-confirmation that she would be showing up in the sequel, but it looks like she may have just been waiting to see how the final script would shake out.  During an interview with TimeOut (via CBM), the outlet reveals her non-involement with the film:

“She wont, she confirms, be back for the [Captain America] sequel.”

The search continues for the film’s female lead, and as early as last August reports started to surface regarding contenders for the role (which is likely that of Peggy’s younger sister, Sharon Carter).  Names like Felicity Jones, Anna Kendrick, Allison Brie, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead have been thrown around, but we have yet to hear any sort of confirmation.  Expect to hear more details soon, though, as directors Anthony and Joe Russo are gearing up to start filming the sequel in March.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens on April 4, 2014.


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  • Turner

    The relationship between Peggy and Steve in the movie was great. She will be missed.

    • ad

      I guess if you call that a ‘relationship’ then by that standard Michael J had many too.

  • dobby

    Well that sucks. She was great in the first movie.

  • Lance

    This is bad news. Maybe they want to focus entirely on the new love interest, but if there are any flashback scenes to WWII they just won’t be as satisfying without Peggy.

  • Lance

    Sharon is not Peggy’s younger sister. If she was that would still make he like 70 now at minimum unless they introduce her in Flashbacks and that wouldn’t be very Captain America to shack up with your girls younger sister.

  • Lance

    What the hey? Who’s posting at 5:55? There’s only one Lance around here, imposter please desist!

  • Arnyx

    Fuck no, that’s a terrible news. . But fingers crossed. . May be marvel can negotiate about it later when shooting starts. . Peggy Carter’ll be missed

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  • Beebeedeedop

    That is a damn shame. Out of those names, I think Felicity Jones followed by Alison Brie could pull it off….

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  • Bob

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead is who I wanted for Wasp…..but if rumors are true than Wasp has already been chosen and its not her, so I’m fine with her getting into the Marvel Universe like this. Shes a great actress, can do action, and is really cute. I still want Simon Baker as Ant-Man though, perfect choice imho. I thought they already had filmed a Peggy/Cap scene they were saving for this film, they need that scene I feel.

  • Kevin G

    Terrible news. She was the best thing about the first film – great screen presence and great chemistry with Evans. The new film will be poorer without her.

  • Kevin G

    This is terrible news. She was the best thing about the first film. Great screen presence and great chemistry with Evans. The new film will be poorer for her absence.

  • Jay

    Imogen Poots, please! That girl has ‘amazing star’ written all over her somewhere. I’d like to find out where, so the more movies she’s in the better!

  • Geo

    I agree — loved her presence and chemistry with Chris Evans in Cap. I don’t see them aging her to the mid 90s via makeup FX, or her playing a granddaughter that looks identical to her — those are probably the only ways Hayley could return.

    And I think the article means Peggy Carter’s daughter or even grand daughter. I assume Hayley’s character was maybe in her late 20s in Cap, so – if alive – she’d be about 95 or so by the time of The Avengers. So I’d think more likely Sharon Carter would need to be a granddaughter or perhaps niece, for the ages to make any sense (assuming Sharon is also in her late 20s in 2012-2014 era).

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  • Tribe

    This is the comic-book universe, at least the movie versions of it. We have no problem accepting portals between Asgard and Earth, among so many other fantastical things in the Marvel-verse, so a time-space portal wouldn’t be impossible to bring Peggy into the present. In fact we know Bucky Barnes, Cap’s WWII pal will likely feature in the new movie as the Winter Soldier.

  • Peachen

    Dear lord, I’m just praying Alison Brie is put in this sequel, as some kind of Carter relative, grand-daughter perhaps?

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