Hayley Atwell, Rosamund Pike, and Alexa Davalos Test to Star Opposite Tom Cruise in ONE SHOT

     August 14, 2011


Rising star Brit Marling eyed the female lead in One Shot earlier this month, but chose to star The Company You Keep instead.  That leaves a vacancy in a high profile action-thriller for another rising star to star opposite Tom Cruise.  THR reports Hayley Atwell (Captain America: The First Avenger), Rosamund Pike (Barney’s Version), and Alexa Davalos (Clash of the Titans) are reading for the part with writer/director Christopher McQuarrie.  Pike and Atwell aren’t new to these kinds of lists.  And Pike will replace Davalos as Andromeda in the Clash of the Titans sequel, further implying homogeneity among young starlets.  Not to detract from the talent of these ladies.  I have not seen Davalos in anything, but I thought Atwell and Pike were great in the little I’ve seen of their work.

One Shot is based on the novel of the same name in Lee Childs’ Jack Reacher series.  Cruise plays “an ex-Army cop who gets sucked into the mystery surrounding the arrest of a sniper accused of killing five random people in a shooting.”  Paramount is planning on a fall shoot in Pittsburgh for a February 8, 2013 release.  Read the book synopsis after the break.


Six shots. Five dead. One heartland city thrown into a state of terror. But within hours the cops have it solved: a slam-dunk case. Except for one thing. The accused man says: You got the wrong guy. Then he says: Get Reacher for me.

And sure enough, ex—military investigator Jack Reacher is coming. He knows this shooter–a trained military sniper who never should have missed a shot. Reacher is certain something is not right–and soon the slam-dunk case explodes.

Now Reacher is teamed with a beautiful young defense lawyer, moving closer to the unseen enemy who is pulling the strings. Reacher knows that no two opponents are created equal. This one has come to the heartland from his own kind of hell. And Reacher knows that the only way to take him down is to match his ruthlessness and cunning–and then beat him shot for shot. [Amazon]

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  • January James

    Hayley Atwell has an amazing figure. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country. She proves that curves really are sexy! I’m not skinny, I’m curvy, but I think that’s the best way to be. Womanly. It’s sexy!

    • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

      Here’s to hoping she stays voluptuous, curvy and on the thicker side. The last thing she should do is join the anorexic, bulimic, heroin-chic side of Hollywood life.

      Honestly, are there really a lot of guys out there who find the skin-and-bones look hot and sexy?

      I for sure don’t, and most guys I know prefer curvy, voluptuous women with more meat to grab.

      • Strong Enough

        you know your replying to a bot right? those comments are everywhere on every post with a woman in it

    • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

      Thanks for letting me know. I guess I hadn’t seen that particular one yet. I have seen the one that’s below though.

  • Merson

    Hayley is voluptuous, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl. English perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.

  • Tucker

    I hope that Tom Cruise does more dramas from now on. I’ve always wanted to see him do a movie with Julia Roberts and one with Tom Hanks.

  • plainview

    haven’t seen Clash brendan? if you plan to see it someday, i suggest you enjoy it for what it is. bad cg, but good old fashion adventure movie. better than another bad movie which is Prince of Persia.

    and i’m with you on Pike. SHE NEEDS TO BE AN A LISTER. she’s so pretty and too talented. and has great screen presence. Atwell is also interesting from her Captain America role. definitely the best love story out of the marvel superhero(and isn’t it one of the strongest parts of the movie). but i’d go with Pike,she HAS to hit big. she’s been in Hollywood long enough. Atwell do more indie acting!

  • Ryan

    Well I’ll start out with a reply to some people above. I do prefer a woman who has a fuller, more natural figure. Foe example, I finally got around to watching “Dollhouse” on Netflix about 5 months ago. Great show BTW. Now Eliza Dushku is very attractive yes, but when Miracle Laurie showed up, she knocked my proverbial socks off. That lady is a stunner, much more so than Eliza IMO.

    Now back to my regular reply. Watch Alexa Davalos in the pilot for “Raines” on HULU. She shows some nice range for a quirky, early role.

    Also, she was the girl in Chronicles of Riddick. The grown up version of the “Pitch Black” character. You haven’t seen “Riddick” either?

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