HBO Adapting GAME CHANGE Sequel DOUBLE DOWN; Will Follow 2012 Presidential Election

     December 11, 2012


HBO is developing Double Down, which, sadly, is not about KFC’s chicken-bacon-chicken sandwich.  According to THR, Double Down is based on an upcoming book by Game Change authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, and the story focuses on the 2012 presidential election.  If HBO can get director Jay Roach and screenwriter Danny Strong to return, they would have an Election Trilogy of sorts if you counted HBO’s 2008 movie Recount.

However, Double Down doesn’t seem like it would be as dramatic as Game Change since it lacks the colorful figure of Sarah Palin.  If anything, the 2012 election was fairly boring, as evidenced by pundits trying to stress how close the race was when really Obama always had the lead and never gave it up.  Yes, you could look at the closeness of the popular vote, but we don’t elect our leaders based on the popular vote, so that’s irrelevant.  I don’t know what Halperin and Heilemann hope to reveal with Double Down, but right now it looks pretty thin.

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  • mattedscreen

    I am all for seeing a “behind the scenes look” at Carl Rove’s on air freakout, Im fairly politically independent and that moment had me rolling on the floor laughing.

    • Northern Star

      What on-air “freakout” was that then? I watched FNC’s election night coverage, and Rove simply stated that not all votes were in yet, he was likely being pragmatic whilst still obviously disappointed… the difference between conservatives losing and leftists losing is the former express genuine disappointment whilst the latter cry foul and scream frame-up! If this upcoming HBO production is like the viciously slanderous ‘Game Change’, it’ll be garbage that preaches only to the choir…

      • Griz

        . . . sigh . . . .Really North Star? You’re gonna ask what was wrong with Rove’s reaction, and then accuse dems for throwing the same kinda tantrums that Rove did in front of a live national audience? Rove questioned his own network’s experts only because he didn’t want donors whom he had milked out of a hundred million dollars to think that all that $$$$ was pissed away by a complete dumbass. Hence, as the camera pointed to him, he decided to salvage his OWN reputation as a prognosticator by saying “Let’s not call this until all the votes are counted” aka The race is neck and neck, let’s see who crosses the finish line . . . . . even though the experts at Fox said that one guy was running laps around the other, Rove still wanted the donors to feel that he had done something useful with all that $$$ by inventing a narrative that the race was still close . . . . almost like a kid telling his mom that right before he failed the class, he was THIS close to getting an A+ !

      • -

        Are the McCain campaign staff who attested to the accuracy of the film a part of the choir?

  • Morgan

    Romney received less votes than McCain. Look it up. The electoral college does change that fact.

    Romney’s final share of the vote? You guessed it….. 47%

    • Trick

      Guess what?
      Obama received less votes than himself
      By 10 million votes, actually..

  • harry hartounian

    Being it’s a political film and all, I get the sentiment, but I could nerdgasm over movie news much easier without superfluous political conjecture.

  • Skin Deep

    Yes, Obama blew Romney away with the electoral vote but what’s this nonsense about the popular vote even being close? Obama bested Romney in the popular vote by 4.6 million votes. Consider that Gore beat Bush in the 2000 popular vote by 500,000 and still lost because the Reps stole Florida’s electoral votes. I don’t understand why right wingers feel like they can get away with lies when this verifiable info is so easily looked up.

    Also, as – said, McCain staffers (you know, Republicans) not only confirmed the accuracy of GAME CHANGE, they also consulted on it. Seriously, the GOP as we know it needs to be destroyed and rebuilt. I do believe in checks and balances, and I do believe there should be a conservative party, but the biggest players in what is currently known as the Republican Party are a bunch of extremist loons who are breeding simple-minded followers who will believe any lie and are too lazy to look up the easily-found truth.

    RECOUNT and GAME CHANGE were both thought-provoking and entertaining, and if Jay Roach & Co. can come up with a compelling story for the 2012 election, I’ll be looking forward to DOUBLE DOWN for sure.

  • Janet Swanborn

    Well, McCain never had a prayer either, you know. And 2012 had plenty of colorful characters.