July 2, 2012


One show just aired the second episode of its freshman season while the other is a little further ahead on its fifth, but today HBO treated them as equals by announcing The Newsroom and True Blood will each get another season.

The Aaron Sorkin scripted cable news drama reeled in 2.1 million total viewers, which is just shy of the numbers for the series premiere of Game of Thrones, and that was enough to impress the cable network. On the content side of things, the second episode which just aired last night was a vast improvement on the already promising pilot, especially with series regular Alison Pill making a huge stride in one of the episodes’ more prominent plot points, and further development on the relationship between Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer. Overall, the series felt like it had found more solid footing after delivering a lot of what people already expected from Sorkin anyway. Either way, it’s good to hear The Newsroom will at least last one more season longer than Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, a show that would’ve done much better on HBO and with better comedic sketch writing.

Details on the renewal of True Blood after the jump.

It’s been five seasons of bloody, erotic vampire, werewolf and fairy business on True Blood, but HBO is still thirsty for more. TV Line says the fantasy drama will get at least one more season, but remember, that Alan Ball will not be returning as showrunner, and executive producer Mark Hudis will be replacing him. I know some fans have grown leery of the series, but HBO seems to think that enough are still enjoying the ride to at least get one more season out of them. Only time will tell where the new season will take us with plenty of episodes left in the fifth season. The question is how many of the series regulars will survive to return for another season?



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  • Pocketses

    Almost in tears, here. This news is so great. After being crushed by Studio 60′s cancellation, I was honestly ridiculously fearful that The Newsroom would suffer this fate. Sports Night was miles ahead of anything else on when it aired, and got cancelled after just 2 seasons. Studio 60 is far and away my favorite show ever created, I cannot wait to see if Newsroom can match it.

    The second episode was brilliant for sure, loved the blisteringly paced dialogue and the email, while easily foreseeable, was hilarious and shocking. Bring on season 2, simply cannot freaking wait!

  • Lance

    I like The Newsroom. But I wonder if the naive, mistake-prone Maggie character is really as endearing as Sorkin wants us to think, or if really his attitude toward women is a little too old-fashioned, and a bit condescending.

    A male character who screwed up like in last night’s episode would just be considered a moron. But it’s as if Sorkin believes that because Maggie is female and cute, we should all just go “awwww…” when she messes up. And give her a big hug. Because after all… she’s “just a woman.”

    • Kofi

      I don’t know why people think the way Sorkin writes one female character is a referendem on how he writes(or feels) about woman in general. Clearly the Mackenzie character is ment to be the smart savior of “real news” and even she went out of her way to help Maggie in episode one so it’s not like only the men are covering for her.

  • Matty

    Rather have Luck back.

  • Kayla

    I’m excited about the renewal of The Newsroom! The series has started a complex development of plot, characters, and the message it stands behind, and it’s only three episodes deep! It’s fun to gossip around the office at Dish not only about superficial plot points, like Maggie’s love interests, but also about the profound statements pertaining to our media institutions that the series has only begun to uncover! Like you guys pointed out with the female character representation, the show does have its flaws, but the controversy is what keeps me intrigued as well! I’m very curious to see how the show plays out, and already have it set to record each week. Luckily, I have the Hopper DVR that comes with loads of recording space so, if The Newsroom does turn out to be the disappointment critics are hoping for, at least I didn’t waste precious memory on it. However, I think the series has great potential and HBO apparently agrees!